Jimmy Matta, the Mayor of the city of Burien in Washington State, has presented images of lightning bolts on yard signs criticizing it as Nazi symbols allegedly making him the victim of a “racism” and “white supremacy” hate crime.

Matta, who is Hispanic, has been riled up by yard signs placed next to campaign signs around Burien, a suburban city in western Washington state, south of Seattle.

The signs target Matta and other local progressive politicians, proclaim that “Seattle Politics Are Bad” for the city, and call for voting against a total of four local political figures in question, the mayor included.

There is a lightning bolt drawn next to the names of each one of the four progressive politicians in question.

In addition, stickers reading “Corrupt” have been placed on top of signs in favor of Matta and one of the other three, Hugo Garcia.

Let’s ban the lightning…

In a lengthy social media post on Friday, Matta declared that the lightning bolt-sporting yard signs constitute an attack against the nationalities and identities of him and his fellow candidates.

Besides Matta and Garcia, the two other politicians in question have non-Hispanic sounding names, Sarah Moore and Krystal Marx (although the latter does seem suitable for a progressive who might be enchanted by Marxism as is very often the case with potentially clueless American lefties).

Before local station KIRO7, Burien’s mayor insisted that the lightning bolts on the yard signs criticizing him were “Nazi symbols.”

Apparently, he deceptively and erroneously equates them to the logo of the Schutzstaffel, or the SS, as it is more commonly known, the “Protection Squadron”, a major paramilitary organization in Nazy Germany under Adolf Hitler.

The problem with that claim is that lightning bolts are a far more universal symbol, the ones drawn on the yard signs in question don’t come in pairs (so as to stand for the letters “SS”), and on top of that, they look nothing like the modified “S” letters in the SS logo.

It remains clear why Burien Mayor Jimmy Matta has decided to play the victim by putting forth such a ridiculous pretext.

Matta told KIRO7 that the city’s 54,000 are 42% people of color, including 25% Latino.

He believes that there are people fearful of the demographic changes in the community – hence invoking the Nazis from World War II.

Matta’s argument, however, completely falls to pieces with his next sentence when he asks what the reason is “to a person of color corrupt” when “you can’t substantiate it.”

Apparently, in his leftist mind, being a person of color somehow excludes a politician from voters viewing him as corrupt, which can be just an expression of a citizen’s First Amendment rights.

Matta went even further by insisting that the person responsible for the seemingly non-Nazi lightning bolts should be prosecuted.

He said that to him, the lightning bolts mean “Donald Trump’s tactics” about bashing Latinos coming through the US-Mexican border which is now generously porous thanks to his Democratic Party and its leader Joe Biden.

The Burien Mayor also said he is referring the matter to the police, the FBI, and the Department of Justice, and offered a $2,000 reward for information that might lead to the arrest of those who dared to criticize him by putting up some yard signs.

To top it all off, he held a “community vigil” designed to “heal the community” from “hate speech.”