President Donald Trump in reality won the 2020 election in the state of Pennsylvania with a result of 52% to 46% for Democrat Joe Biden, two experts, Seth Keshel and David Clemens have estimated.

Thus, Trump’s victory margin amounting to about 424,000 votes was in fact stolen through election fraud, robbing the incumbent president of a victory in one of the crucial states, a scenario replicated in several other key or swing states.

Trump won by a far larger margin than expected

David K. Clemens is a professor teaching Legal Environment of Business at the University of New Mexico School of Law, while Seth Keshel is a former baseball analyst and a retired Army intelligence captain.

Both were invited as guests to Steve Bannon’s podcast “War Room” to present their analysis of the 2020 election.

That was when Keshel dropped the bomb that President Trump in reality triumphed in Pennsylvania by a margin of 6% to 8%.

Subsequently, over the weekend, Keshel and Clemens published a report on the Pennsylvania 2020 election that is more detailed.

The “official results” from the 2020 election in Pennsylvania show Biden winning with 3.458 million votes, or 50.0% of the total number of votes cast, while Trump remaining with 3.338 million votes, or 48.8%.

Captain Seth Keshel’s estimates and observations are based on the net new voter registration in the state in the past four years.

He writes that the voter fraud in Pennsylvania in favor of Biden and the Democrats was “horrific” and “even worse” than he believed and that the state was “a slam dunk” for Trump.

Keshel points to the 244,000 to 12,000 net new registrations of voters, respectively for the Republicans and the Democrats, a ratio of 21 to 1.

The former Army intelligence captain says only 3 of Pennsylvania’s counties were “relatively clean” of voter fraud, while 27 saw major fraud.

Keshel argues that according to voter registration trends, a total of 60 out of Pennsylvania’s 67 countries “should have demonstrated GOP improvement.”

However, according to the official results, only 20 counties trended in favor of the Republicans.

The counties of Erie and Northampton were officially flipped even though they should have been slam dunks for Trump.

Thus, according to Keshel, Trump in 2020 beat Obama’s 2008 result “in a shrinking states” but was somehow surpassed by Biden with about 504,000 “excess votes.”

He estimates that based on the registration trend Trump’s margin should have been 5.9%, or 52.0% to 46.1%, which equals 424,000 votes.

With respect to the state of Michigan, Keshel estimates that Trump actually won by a margin of victory of about 52.9% to 45.4%, which is 7.5% overall, amounting to 373,000 votes.

Somehow the official results in Michigan showed a gain for Biden over 2016 by 535,000 votes after the Democrats hadn’t had net positive votes in the state in 12 years, and in a state of population decline.