Democrat President Joe Biden has no doubt made countless contributions to the United States of America, first and foremost, in terms of bizarre, nationally embarrassing gaffes and blunders – and sending the bizarre hashtag #MyButtsBeenWiped trending is now among them.

That’s right, who knows when and how long it would have been for such a hashtag on butt wiping – and one in the passive voice at that! – to take over Twitter, had it not been for all inspiring, awe-inspiring word-stuttering Democrat President of the United States of America and, by implication, the leader of the Free World.


That same leader of the Free World who has now informed us, and the world, that “#MyButtsBeenWiped” – his butt, that is.

Having become a national embarrassment for the United States long ago both at home and abroad, Joe Biden’s cognitive meltdowns exposing hard-to-watch signs of senility – the same that prompted President Donald Trump to dub him “Sleepy Joe” a while back – have become more frequent and appalling since he got to be the new occupant of the White House in January.

Six months later, Biden’s possible dementia symptoms are raining down on us, as indicated by the #MyButtsBeenWiped hashtag.

The fact that #MyButtsBeenWiped has caught on like a wildfire on social media comes to show that a fair share of the American public is unaware of Biden’s potentially exacerbating senility situation.

“#MyButtsBeenWiped” has been born of the Democrat President’s latest meltdown as he was screaming incoherent words while hurtling towards reporters outside the White House on Sunday – as though to inform the press and the nation of the critically important information that his “butt’s been wiped.”

Whether that was actually the case – or whether Biden was in fact blurting out a completely different phrase having nothing to do with his butt-wiping status – remains unclear.

The fact of the matter is, however, that a sufficient number of people decided he said precisely that.

”“#MyButtsBeenWiped” started trending shortly after and became an inspiration for various kinds of gifs and memes.

Can it get more embarrassing?

Perhaps, few, if anybody, would’ve made that association or heard the Democrat president’s words wrong – if that is indeed wrong – if the entire nation hadn’t been on edge by growing concerns over his potential senility or dementia.

So, real or not, the information now morphed into a hashtag does fall in nicely with what we’ve been seeing from Biden in the recent weeks and months – one embarrassment after another.

If by any means, #MyButtsBeenWiped is indeed what Biden stated as he was approaching reporters outside the White House – which is a possibility that shouldn’t surprise anybody by this point – then we have to note the complex grammatical structures the de facto leader of the Free World used to notify everybody about his butt-wiping situation.

The combination of the present perfect tense and the passive voice implies that a cheered-up Biden with a can-do, playful disposition is now ready to show off with more embarrassing cognitive meltdowns and that it is somebody else who is taking care of that important personal business for him.

So there might be a devoted White House staffer behind doing what needs to be done so #MyButtsBeenWiped can flourish as a social media hashtag – and one can’t but wonder whether to feel bad for that possibly young and ambitious person or to admire them for their serving patriotic duty.

Now that Biden has told the nation and the world that #MyButtsBeenWiped, all we can do is wait in eager anticipation for Sleepy Joe’s next cognitive decline public appearance strike – and maybe wonder: how much more embarrassing can it get?