Fourth-grade students in a school in Minnesota’s Sartell-St. Stephen School District have been terrorized by being made to answer an “equity” survey which included unclear and uncomfortable questions about gender identity, and were then told to keep the questions from their parents.

While Marxist critical race theory, the gender ideology, transgenderism, and just overall identity politics are being increasingly imposed on America’s innocent children by malicious anti-American lefties, that was mostly done wide in the open, the Minnesota case is a curious one precisely because of the covert nature of the survey which school staff tried to keep from their students’ parents.

Covert operation

The gender ideology harassment of the Minnesota schoolchildren was revealed by one of the affected kids, fourth-grade Hayley, and her mother Kelsey Yasgar, who told Fox News on Monday that the gender “equity” questions were confusing.

Hayley was made to feel “very nervous and uncomfortable” as the students were instructed to keep the gender ideology harassment from their parents.

The “equity survey” was administered by an entity called “Equity Alliance Minnesota.”

Hayley and her mother have expressed their concerns over the survey to the Sartell-St. Stephen School District board.

A video from Alphanews reveals that students who didn’t understand some survey questions were told by a teacher to not repeat them before their parents at home.

The students couldn’t comprehend some of the survey questions even after the teacher explained them.

Mother Kelsey Yasgar revealed that while the parents had been told an “equity audit” was to take place, they weren’t informed when that would happen, nor were they presented with any details.

Equity Alliance of Minnesota doesn’t comment

She accused the school and the third-party actor, Equity Alliance Minnesota, of a lack of transparency because of which the questions posed to the innocent kids were not revealed to their parents.

The mother stated that she was “very upset” upon learning from her daughter that she was instructed by teachers to hide all of the questions from the “equity” survey.

Kelsey Yasgar said that she believes the equity survey wasn’t a single case in which her daughter’s teacher decided to tell the schoolchildren to lie to their parents.

Yasgar revealed parents have been told that “this came down from the administration” as well as the apparently pro-gender ideology NPO, “Equity Alliance of Minnesota.”

The administration and the gender ideology nonprofit instructed the teachers to make sure that the survey questions don’t reach the parents.

Yasgar declared that the whole situation “should pose a great concern” in any parents’ eyes.

The grandiosely named “Equity Alliance of Minnesota” and the district superintendent did not respond to questions posed to them by Fox News.

Apparently, unlike the innocent schoolchildren, nobody can force them to answer questions.