Conservative political commentator Steven Crowder on Tuesday shared a selfie and a chilling account of undergoing surgery for pectus excavatum, revealing that he could “physically feel death.”

Pectus excavatum, of which Crowder is being treated, is a congenital disorder in which the breastbone is sunken into the chest.

It causes a sunken chest appearance and threatens to squeeze the heart and lungs, interfering with their function as the ribs and the breastbone curve inwards.

Crowder, a fiery former Fox News contributor, who is the host of the YouTube show “Louder with Crowder”, shared on Instagram and Twitter a photo of himself with a nasal cannula.

As he explained his condition and situation, the 34-year-old conservative commentator also thanked his numerous supporters.

He revealed in the selfie caption that the night before his condition took a “turn for the worse.”

This prompted Crowder to ask his followers whether they have actually come so close to death as to feel it “physically.”

He did stress, however, the good news that his condition is “fixable.”

Get well, Steven!

Back on July 1, Crowder announced on Instagram that he was having surgery, and later revealed it was because of pectus excavatum.

Since having the operation, he has been posting on social media regular updates about his hospital recovery, including a chest scan and a photo of his bandaged body, which he described as his “new bionic chest.”

After that, he shared how he felt about his looks after undergoing the pectus surgery alongside a shirtless selfie.

He explained that even though he had actually had the operation, it was still a “before” shot because of the complicated recovery and that an “after” picture would come six months later.

The “Louder with Crowder” host also revealed how he gained weight reaching 250 pounds for the first time in his adult life, especially as his body swell on the fluid in the wake of the operation.

Crowder explained how “it’s all just unsightly” after the surgery, and that he can’t even take the stairs without “getting winded.”

Crowder outlined his determination to get back into a fit shape again since he is the only one that can do that, not even his “brilliant surgeon” can.

He criticized those who post “before” and “after” shows of themselves as they usually use various tricks, or just pick the photos strategically afterward.

Crowder just demonstrated he is aware that he’s staring at a “pretty long, tough road” ahead.

More recently, last week, he shared a video of himself as he is shooting a handgun at a range, and informing his numerous supporters that his recovery is going OK even though “it could be better.”

He revealed that he is still retaining lots of fluid around his lungs causing him excruciating pain, including when he is breathing.

Crowder made it clear “things are pretty rough” for him at the moment, and yet, he showed awareness that “people go through a lot worse”, which is why he has “no right to complain.”