Managers at food establishments often have a hard time when it comes to dealing with customers who are angry about price increases and mask mandates. It can also be challenging to find reliable help that shows up on time and perform their duties proficiently. Since the pandemic began, many managers have taken to social media to point out these things to the general public.

Do Managers Bring Disrespect to Themselves?

Starbucks’ employee Kirsta Webster says that managers often disrespect themselves through the way they act. She posted a phone interview that she recorded on Tik Tok to try to make her point.

Employee Speaks Out

During the interview, Kirsta tells her manager, who had reduced Kirsta’s hours to zero, that she made her life a living hell. She especially hates that she was expected to show up for work on time and required to work before 9 a.m. The manager points out that Kirsta listed open availability when she applied for the job. She replied with “that is what everyone does.”

Krista’s Complaint

Kirsta claims that the real reason that she is being let go is that she filed a report with corporate over the manager’s behavior. The manager points out that Kirsta did not have access to the manager’s training materials, precisely what she followed when handing out the disciplinary action against Kirsta.

The job of a manager in the food industry is never an easy one. Dealing with employees who fail to show up on time makes it even harder. Try to make everyone’s life easier when you choose to be a customer.