Two out of the three teens, who have been wanted for an outrageous attack that left an off-duty firefighter beaten and injured by an out-of-control teen mob in Queens, have been turned in to the New York Police Department by their own parents.

Last Friday night’s brazen assault by a mob of some 100 teens against the 44-year-old firefighter, who was walking his dog at Juniper Park in New York City, has sparked widespread outrage after cell phone footage filmed by the attackers was published by The New York Post.

The two teens are aged 15 and 16 and have been charged with assault.

Their detention was announced by the NYPD on Tuesday, with the department praising its detectives for their “hard work and dedication.”

Parents turned them in

According to the New York Daily News, the teenagers were brought to the NYPD by their own parents.

Because of their young age, they are now going to face a Family Court judge.

While the NYFD officer, who was off duty, was attacked by a large mob of teens gone berserk at Juniper Park in Queens, the police got clues about the main attackers’ thanks to the cell phone footage shot by others from the aggressive crowd.

The third of the three main assailants still remains unknown.

Even though the 44-year-old victim, who is a father of three, was struck with a glass bottle in the back of the head, knocked to the ground, and punched and kicked numerous times, the New York City police said he wasn’t badly injured.

On Sunday the NYPD published an appeal for help in identifying the attackers based on video snapshots.

The police said the off-duty firefighter tried talking to the berserk teens because they were making a lot of noise.

The verbal dispute that followed then “escalated in a physical encounter” in which “multiple individuals” were “kicking and punching” the man.

The NYPD added that the victim refused medical attention in spite of the cuts, bruising, and pain that he sustained.

The unruly teen crowd jumped the off-duty firefighter at about 9:55 pm on Friday as he was walking the family dog, a 3-year-old Labradoodle called Dylan.

According to the firefighter’s own description of the incident, he got attacked by “at least 100 kids”, with one of them shouting out that it was “fight night”.

The firefighter, who refused to be identified to the public in order to protect his family, declared that the teenagers who assaulted him were “high as a kite” and “were going crazy.”

He told The New York Post that the teen mob “just picked me out” and then approached him, after which the situation unraveled.

Curtis Sliwa, the founder of the world-famous anti-crime initiative “Guardian Angels” and GOP candidate for Mayor of New York City, shared on Twitter the footage of the assault and said the off-duty firefighter got jumped by the teens when he asked them to quit setting off fireworks.