A restaurant worker was killed in Philadelphia on Wednesday, after a shirtless thug went on a two-car rampage throughout the city, killing the 32-year-old woman and injuring two others.

The car thief has now been arrested and stands charged with the murder of the woman; when he hit her as she walked home on the sidewalk, before reversing over her for a second time.

The man then went on to steal another car and injuring another person.

The tale of events

According to CBS Philly, the string of hit-and-runs on Wednesday begun just after 2 am in the morning, when the man drove a stolen Chevy Malibu into a couple on a motorcycle.

The couple, both 29, were knocked off the motorcycle by the car, with the passenger suffering minor “bumps and bruises.”

The driver left the scene unscathed.

According to the police reports, the man then drove down 15th street and ran over the 32-year-old woman, who was walking home from work with one of her work colleagues.

Her colleague was able to avoid the car, but the woman wasn’t so lucky, after retreating before being boxed in by other parked cars.

The woman was seen flying on top of the car’s windshield, before being thrown off onto the pavement after the driver hit the gas.

The footage, received by WPVI-TV, shows the woman flying back onto the sidewalk before the man reverses the car back over her collapsed body.

The footage then shows the man exiting the car to check on the body, before getting back in and speeding away.

Police then confirmed that the man stole another car, before striking another pedestrian on the streets of the Manayunk neighborhood.

His final victim was treated in hospital for non-life-threatening injuries.

Police have refused to release the identities of the deceased woman, who was declared dead at Jefferson University hospital at around 5 pm on the same day, and the identity of the suspect, who was seen on surveillance footage without a shirt and with grey sweatpants.

Police are still investigating the string of hit-and-runs, and are yet to determine if the suspect was intoxicated or whether or not the murder of the 32-year-old woman was a deliberate target.