Twitter has finally banned the official “Nation of Islam” account permanently, after a string of anti-Semitic posts after been posted from the account over the years.

However, the account wasn’t banned for these posts…shock.

No, the account was removed from the social media platform for spreading misinformation regarding the Covid-19 vaccines currently circulating in the United States.

The ban comes as part of the White House’s efforts to crack down on Covid misinformation being spread online, and the Nation of Islam has fallen to that mission.

The string of posts

The ban on the Nation of Islam account was announced by Brother Abdul Qiyam Muhammad, a member of the nation and a current podcaster, who stated that he wasn’t exactly surprised by the news.

However, many were surprised by the news, but more by the fact that it hadn’t happened a lot sooner.

The organization, who is led by Louis Farrakhan, has been accused throughout the years of extreme anti-Semitism, with social media outlets standing accused of giving them a free pass, until this week.

In early 2019, Farrakhan spoke about the Women’s March that took place after President Donald Trump was elected into office.

He praised members of the march, before following up by claiming “The wicked Jews want to use me to break up the women’s movement.”

A blatant example of anti-Semitism.

In 2018 Farrakhan, who works as a minister while leading the Nation of Islam, claimed that “white folks and Satan are going down,” as well as proclaiming that he will “pull the cover off of that Satanic Jew,” declaring that “your world is through.”

In the same year, he was recording joining in chants that called for the deaths of both America and Israel.

Why the ban?

According to The Guardian, the ban comes as part of the White House’s efforts to clamp down on the distribution of Covid-vaccine misinformation on social media, having previously banned “12 online personalities that have a combined following of 59 million people.”

Amongst those 12 “personalities” were current web influencer Rizza Islam, who is also a member of the Nation of Islam.

His Facebook was banned in February of this year for “spreading vaccine hesitancy in the African American population,” however, his Twitter account still remains.

Now, The Nation of Islam account has been banned for spreading misinformation regarding vaccines.

As The Federalist pointed out, Twitter was willing to take instant action on accounts that spread misinformation about Covid vaccines, but not on accounts that spread hateful, anti-Semitic messages.

However, Farrakhan’s Twitter account still remains, and he still uses it to spread misinformation about the vaccines, having previously labeled them as a “vial of death.”