Hollywood actress Jamie Lee Curtis has stated that she and her husband, screenwriter Christopher Guest, are full of pride after watching their son become their daughter.

Curtis, who is known gun control and climate change activist, who supported both Joe Biden and Hilary Clinton in 2020 and 2016 respectively, made the comments to AARP Magazine when announcing that her daughter, now named Ruby, will be getting married in 2022.

Curtis’ comments

Curtis, who starred in shows such as Trading Places and Freaky Friday, has two children with husband Guest; 34-year-old Annie and 24-year-old Ruby, who was formally known as Thomas before transitioning.

She stated that Ruby will be marrying her fiancé next year and that she and her husband have been watching in “wonder and pride as our son became our daughter Ruby.”

Curtis went on to explain to AARP Magazine that her views regarding biology, in terms of gender being a fixed binary, have changed after her son begun to identify as a female, to the point where he changed his name.

Curtis described her thinking as “constantly shedding old versions of myself, and letting go.”

Her comments come in the wake of numerous other celebrities around the world beginning to transition and/or identify as non-binary.

Actress Elliot Page, formally known as Ellen Page, is one of the most famous cases of female-to-male transitioning in Hollywood.

Singer Demi Lovato has also recently come out as non-binary.

Across the pond, English singer-songwriter Sam Smith came out as non-binary in 2019, having come out as gay five years earlier.

More and more celebrities are beginning to come out as non-binary or transgender, and this had led to an increase of non-binary people in American LGBTQ youth.

According to research published by the Trevor Project, 26% of LGBTQ youth identify as non-binary, with a further 20% of those surveyed stating that there are still questioning their identity.