Comedian, actor, and podcast host Adam Carolla, who has been “blacklisted” and “canceled” by Hollywood precisely for his resistance against “cancel culture”, has declared that getting boycotted by the lefty movie industry is totally worth it and a “small price to” pay for being able to exercise the right to free speech.

Carolla, a self-described moderate Republican or libertarian, has long been opposed to cancel culture – the digital mob violence used by the left to terrorize and cower into submission innocent people with free will.

Newsom-sponsored road to idiocracy

The host of the Adam Carolla Show podcast told Fox Business in an interview that he is not going to star any time soon in any Hollywood sitcoms because of calls to “cancel” him due to his jokes and other creative content.

Carolla declared he doesn’t “get a lot of Hollywood roles,” while his documentaries don’t “get into” the Sundance film festival – but in today’s America that is the price to pay in order to be able to “say what I want to say.”

After podcast host Joe Rogan, another self-described libertarian, recently gave a similar description of the movie industry as being filled with spineless, mindless actors ready to sell their soul for a part, and with no actual views of their own, let alone morals or guts, Carolla slammed both actors and politicians in California as “cowards” because of their condoning of cancel culture.

The comedian declared that while Hollywood actors “play heroes”, “they are cowards”, who are “soft and weak” and would “go along with anything.”

Carolla declared further that the incredibly flawed Hollywood lifestyle and mindset lives “under the rule of Gavin Newsom”, California’s liberal leftist governor.

As Newsom is presently facing a recall election scheduled for September 14, Carolla noted as evidence for his thesis that the CEO of Netflix, Reed Hastings, has donated a total of $3 million to try to stop the recall effort.

We can’t let them win!

The comedian teared up Hollywood actors living in California for only wanting money.

He insisted that the main thing that matters for a creative person, or anybody, for that matters, is to stay true to what you believe.

He insisted that, being a comedian, he has to be able to say what he wants – a simple truth fact enshrined into the Constitution of the United States of America which nobody had to remind and state out loudly until recently the radical leftist Marxism, wokeism and identity politics started to censor and cancel people thanks to the power of big-tech and their “social media.”

Carolla emphasized that the Hollywood politcommissars are aware that he will never apologize for any of his jokes – he told them this much a long time ago – and because of that they “basically leave me alone.”

Another great American comedian, Tim Allen, recently tweeted that he was on going on a standup tour, and wondered whether “government agents” will be there “policing comedy” from “the back of the house.”

Adam Carolla, however, did end his Fox Business interview on a positive note by declaring that he could see cancel culture coming to an end eventually but only through a “collective effort.”

He argued that if people begin pushing back against cancel culture, it is going to “go away immediately” – but it will never go away if “we listen to these idiots” and are apologizing to them.