In a jarring and heart-wrenching shock to rock and metal fans everywhere, Joey Jordison, the original drummer and co-founder of Slipknot, has recently died.

Officially, Jordison died on July 26, 2021. He was only 46 years old.

According to a statement released by his family, Jordison “passed away peacefully in his sleep.” However, given his extremely young age, people have naturally begun to wonder what he could have died from and what could possibly have killed him in his sleep.

Jordison is unfortunately just one of spate a of legionary rock and metal musicians who has passed away in the last few days. Mike Howe, the lead singer of the pioneering thrash metal band Metal Church, also died at the age of 55 on the very same day as Jordison. Dusty Hill, the bassist for the legendary rock band ZZ Top also died on July 28 at the age of 72.

Slipknot fans everywhere are wondering: What exactly happened to Joey Jordison?

Cause of Death So Far Unknown

As of yet, Jordison’s cause of death has not been officially announced. However, Slipknot fans may know that Jordison had already been dealing with severe health problems for a number of years. Specifically, he had been suffering from transverse myelitis, a type of inflammation of the spinal cord that often damages nerve linings. This disease had significantly hampered his ability to carry on with his normally very intense drumming.

It is not known whether this disease is in any way connected with his untimely death.

Back in 2013, Jordinson had been fired from Slipknot — possibly for reasons connected with his health issues, although the circumstances behind the firing have always been opaque. After leaving Slipknot, he went on to form the bands Scar of the Martyr and Sinsaenum, drumming for the latter of these until his death.

Musicians of all kinds, from the DJ Zedd to Levi Benton, the vocalist of the metalcore band Miss May I, all took to social media to express their sadness over Jordinson’s death and share fond memories of him.

Though Jordison leaves behind a net worth of $5 million and two sisters, he was very private about his personal affairs and is not known to have had any children.

His intense blast beats will forever remain an inspiration.