Andy Warhol once allegedly said that someday, everyone would have his 15 minutes of fame. Even if the quote is apocryphal, social media has made it appear prophetic.

TikTok, perhaps more than any other social media platform, embodies this sentiment. People have done some wild and crazy things in exchange for views and internet fame. And one 13-year-old girl got into some deep trouble recently thanks to her pursuit of these very things.

There’s a side of TikTok that can only be described — perhaps even too charitably — as a cesspit of cringe-inducing tripe. And that’s why a mom going by the Reddit handle Substantial_Camel598 decided, appropriately, to post the story of something stupid that her 13-year-old daughter did for TikTok views.

The parents’ reaction was swift and ruthless.

Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes

So, what did this girl do? Well, she recorded a video of her shaving her brother’s head while he slept and posted it on TikTok as a “prank.”

The parents were not amused, and they decided to teach their daughter a lesson. They punished her by taking away her laptop, replacing her phone with an old Nokia flip phone and grounding her either for a year or until her brother’s hair grew back properly — whichever came first.

Some immediate family members expressed the opinion that this punishment was too harsh, and so the introspective mother turned to the Reddit community for advice.

“I feel like this is partially our fault, as we are big pranksters,” the mom said. “However, the pranks we do are harmless, like waking someone up and telling them they’re a little late, when they’re actually right on time, then revealing it 5 minutes later.” In reaction to this prank, the girl’s brother was “devastated,” as he is pretty sensitive about what his hair looks like. He’s also generally a good older brother to his sister and allows her to vent to him.

When the mom asked Reddit whether people thought her and her husband’s punishment for their daughter fit the crime, the vast majority agreed that it did. The consensus seemed to be that the girl’s actions were not only mean in themselves but that a 13-year-old has no business being on TikTok in the first place.

The fact that someone that young is already obsessed enough with the dopamine rush of internet fame to do something so ridiculous is a bad sign. If this behavior had been allowed to continue, who knows what it would eventually lead to?