A Harvard Biology Professor, who has continuously refused to use the term “pregnant people,” has been accused of blatant transphobia by the head of diversity for her department.

Carole Hooven appeared on Fox and Friends on Wednesday, where she stated that she was “frustrated” by people, especially college and university professors, refusing to use the terms of “male” and “female,” whilst stating that it was entirely possible to be “respectful and accurate.”

On Friday, Laura Simone Lewis, the director of the diversity and inclusion task force for the biology department at Harvard, attacked the comments made by Hooven, accusing her of making “transphobic and harmful remarks.”

Hooven’s interview

Hooven, a professor of evolutionary biology at Harvard University, who has won multiple teaching awards throughout her 20 years at the institution, spoke about her frustrations with the current atmosphere surrounding academia.

She stated on Fox News that she had been feeling “gradually frustrated” over the last five years, stating that professors are now being discouraged from using terms such as male and female and instead are being encouraged to use the newly coined term pregnant people.

The change in the atmosphere comes after numerous professors have been “canceled” or fired for offending LGBT students.

Hooven continued by stating that this type of “ideology” has started to “infiltrate my classroom,” where she stated that her lessons were based around hormones, sex, and the differences between the sexes.

She stated that to teach science, professors need to be able to teach the facts, saying that, in this case, the facts are that there are two sexes, male and female and that we can easily distinguish between the two “by the kind of gametes we produce.”

She claimed that now, this new ideology teaches that “biology really isn’t as important as how somebody feels,” when referencing sex and gender identity.

Hooven reiterated that political correctness in the sciences was confusing for the educators and their students who want to learn about the basic sciences of the world and how to think critically around these issues.

She stated that the emergence of cancel culture on social media has led to people, including professors, “caving and yielding to the social pressure” on these topics.

“Transphobic and harmful”

On Friday, the director of the diversity and inclusion task force for Hooven’s department, Laura Simone Lewis, expressed her anger towards the remarks made by the professor during her Fox and Friends interview.

She accused Hooven of making “transphobic and harmful” comments, whilst stating that if an individual had respect for “diverse gender identities,” then they would be able to clearly understand how “trans men, intersex people, and gender-nonconforming people” are able to get pregnant.

Lewis then claimed that this is an issue that medical students will be able to understand easily, before claiming that “inclusive language,” such as using terms like “pregnant people,” would be able to respect “everyone who has the ability to get pregnant.”

She concluded her statement by claiming the remarks made by Hooven were “dangerous and inappropriate.”