At least one woman and possibly more have become pregnant in prisons in California, whose ultra-leftist transgender laws provide for imprisoning biological men claiming to be women together with real women.

One of the greatest ironies – and weaknesses – of the radical leftist race-based and gender-based Marxism – is when its subdivisions come at each other’s throats.

For example, when non-white minority racial groups display racism against each other, or, as in this case when feminism clashes with transgenderism.

Radical feminism groans about radical transgenderism

At this point, radicalized wokeist leftists are left clueless as to who’s side to take since their entire evil ideology is based on hating white people, more specifically white men, and, even more specifically, straight white men.

In the case with the men claiming to be women and then raping real women in California’s prisons, the alarm was just raised by the Women’s Liberation Front, with the telling abbreviation “WoLF”.

WoLF, a radical feminist group, informed on Twitter about the unwanted pregnancy of a female inmate in California who was apparently impregnated by a biological man claiming to be a woman.

The rape and pregnancy case occurred in the Central California Women’s Facility (CCWF) in Chowchilla, CA, the largest female prison in the most populous US state.

WoLF said on Twitter is has been informed by seven different people, CCWF insiders, that there is at least one case of a pregnancy.

Trans men are here to rape you? Not to worry: you got ‘options’!

The woman in question got pregnant after she was put in a cell together with a male felon transferred to the “women’s prison” under Senate Bill 132 (SB132) – which in reality bears the highly inspiring title “Transgender Respect, Agency and Dignity Act” (TRADA), a state law signed by California’s Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom in September 2020.

The transgender wishful thinking law provides for housing “transgender, non-binary and intersex” individuals based on their “gender identity”, as California has long ago succumbed to the dictatorship of sick leftists claiming that there are no men and women, or that no reality other than what one might wish for.

The insane legislation in question has already expectedly backfired, leading to Democrat radicals who supposed it to provide female inmates with condoms and abortion drugs, according to a report by Breitbart News.

WoLF, the radical leftist group, said in mid-July that the CCWF prison in California has already become “a nightmare’s worst nightmare” since new pregnancy resources were introduced to its medical clinics.

WoLF declared this makes it clear that the women locked in there “should expect to be raped” by biological men with whom they will get to be housed.

CCWF has also had posters put up in prison medical rooms explain the options – options include prenatal care, abortion, and adoption – that are available to “pregnant people”.

Obviously, with all their hypocrisy of sending in men to rape at will helpless incarcerated women, the radical leftist monsters still cling to idiocies such as “pregnant people” – as though anybody other than women can get pregnant and give birth to another human.

Piling one monstrosity on top of another

WoLF also announced that only some 20 out of a total of 300 requests from biological men to be transferred to a female prison have been processed.

When the other hundreds of transfers are made, with many of the prisoners in question being sex offenders, an epidemic of rape can be expected in California’s female prisons.

For how long could these abominations really hold with the American public?