If you would like to promote on Facebook a story about a heroic police officer who nearly lost his life while doing his duty – don’t, there is no use, the leftist liberal anti-patriotic big tech machine is going to censor it and humiliate you for thinking it was a good idea to try.

That is the main conclusion from a recent development in which the Illinois Association of Police Chiefs tried to promote a post honoring Jeffrey Bieber, a police officer too brave and responsible for his own good – only to have Facebook reject it because it included “sensitive social issue.”

Facebook’s censoring was extremely frustrating to the Illinois police chiefs not just because of the heroic story but also because – precisely due to his unspeakable heroism, Bieber has been declared the association’s Office of the Year.

Multiple stabbings to the head and neck

On February 2, 2021, the East Peoria police officer responded to a domestic incident during which he was attacked and stabbed numerous times in the head and neck.

He eventually managed to shoot dead the suspect as he was fallen on his back.

The stabbings damaged Bieber’s nerves as well as an artery which led to profuse bleeding and his collapse on the floor.

Before that, in self-defense, the policeman tried to use his Taser against the suspect, 19-year-old Joshua Crites, but that didn’t stop the latter who came on top of him.

The Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police praised Officer Bieber not just for his self-sacrificial behavior during the incident in question but also for his everyday outstanding service to the people of East Peoria.

Who would mind against an exemplary, audacious police officer being awarded for his service, an evergreen American value?

Turns out leftist, liberal, Marxist big tech does, as epitomized by the omnipotent Facebook.

Police self-sacrifice: sensitive social issue!

Facebook declined the promotion-for-a-fee request because of the “sensitive social issue” involved.

Apparently, the social issue is the police going to great lengths – such as risking their lives – in order to serve their community and their nation – a notion long lost to the nihilist Marxist leftists who are eager to destroy everything that made America great.

Facebook elaborated somewhat on its rejection in a statement sent to a local newspaper, The Journal Star.

The America-hating social network declared that the promotion request “has been correctly disapproved” because it violated its own Advertising Policies and Guidelines.

The guidelines in question state that an ad could be rejected if it makes any mention of “politicians” or refers to “sensitive social issues” which might be able to influence the “public opinion” and the voters’ preferences, and could “impact the outcome of an election” or draft legislation.

Sure thing – the story of the courageous Illinois police officer, Jeffrey Bieber, could impact public opinion by teaching it the values of dedication, bravery, and patriotism.

Facebook doesn’t want that!

It wants malleable, listless leftists that it can manipulate which dismantling the grand traditions of American democracy and the bravery that has always defended it.

‘Ridiculous’? Zuckerberg doesn’t care, wants the multiverse

The Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police was logically outraged by Facebook’s impudence.

It launched an online petition on change.org in an attempt to overturn Facebook’s decision.

The association’s Executive Director, Ed Wojcicki, said in a statement that Facebook’s rejection and its explanation for it are “ridiculous.”

Wojcicki and his colleagues demonstrate that they have comprehended the truth: as he put it, Facebook “thinks it’s wrong to honor a brave” officer, one who suffered serious wounds as he was protecting his central Illinois city.

Wojcicki is left to wonder how that might be even “remotely political”, and notes that Facebook doesn’t realize the severe abuse, verbal and physical that police officers endure every day.

The thing is, though, Facebook doesn’t care.

All it cares about is its own omnipotence based on a far-left agenda to crush the American public so it can fully control it.

Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook fuhrer, has just made this much clear as he shameless declared he wants his social media to become the “multiverse”.

American patriots, good luck resisting that.