Hollywood star actor Matt Damon has shot himself in the foot and “canceled himself” as for no rational reason, he sparked a furious firestorm on part of ill-minded wokeist and genderist “cancel culture” censors by telling a supposedly “cute” story of how his daughter taught him not to use the word “f**t”, which is considered a “homophobic slur.

Cute little personal wokeist growth story… by why tell it?!

As part of the story, Damon admitted in an interview for The Sunday Times that until a “few months ago” he was using the word “f**t”.

This led one of his three daughters to write him a “treatise” explaining why the “homophobic slub” in question is “dangerous.”

Knowing the evil nature of the liberal leftist, wokeist and transgenderist Marxist cancel culture utilizing big tech’s social media to mob violence, terrorism, and harassment, God knows why Matt Damon thought it might be a good idea to share with the public his “f**t”.

If he thought it would be construed as revealing a personal journal of atonement and growth, well, he has another thing coming.

In his self-destructive revelation, Damon admitted that he used the “f**t” word as a “joke” at the dinner table – seriously questioning both how he’s bringing up his children, and his judgment, including because in the world of vile leftist, Marxist political correctness there is no place for humor, satire, and jokes.

Just like there wasn’t in Stalin’s Soviet Union.

Actually, there was but it was called “a concentration camp.”

Today’s cultural Marxists roaming not Siberia but the former Free World are more sophisticated – they are replacing concentration camps with social media harassment, canceling, and constant mob violence terrorism.

They are eating him alive

Damon probably already regrets deeply his botched attempt at opening up.

It doesn’t matter that he continued the cute story by explaining how when he was a kid 40 years ago, the “f**t” word was used “commonly” but had “a different application.”

It doesn’t matter that he sought to demonstrate his personal growth in the official party line, the politically correct wokeist direction, as, once he read her daughter’s homophobic slur essay, he declared that he “understood” and was retiring the “f-slur.”

None of the cute details matter because the wokeist self-appoint censors – or, rather, big tech-appointed since big tech has empowered them to harass everybody – are already eating him alive on social media.

Countless “warriors” for “social justice” and LGBT-etc rights expressed outrage as to why he only recently stopped using the “horrible” homophobic slur, or declared that Damon has just “canceled himself” by admitting such a tremendous sin, in a world where everyone is so easily offended (except, of course, for “evil white people” and especially evil white men, and especially evil straight white men).

Damon is yet to comment on the backlash to his cute personal wokeist growth story.

He better shut up and keep quiet.

Now that he has mistakenly offered himself in self-sacrifice to the crazy radical leftists there is no coming back.

Only if someday radical leftist Marxism somehow gets defeated but that isn’t likely to be any time soon.