Staggering numbers of illegal immigrants from Central America and Mexico, many of them infected with COVID-19, are flooding the United States, crossing uncontrollably the Southern border, while the Democrat administration of Joe Biden has abdicated completely from defending the country’s national security.

As many more coronavirus-positive migrants are coming in, among the various kinds of damage they are causing to the United States is infecting Border Patrol Agents with the disease.

Illegals are infecting the border agents

Over the weekend, three more agents working at the processing center in Eagle Pass, Texas, tested positive for COVID-19, Breitbart News reported citing a source who works for US Customs and Border Protection.

The newly infected agents got sick with the coronavirus while being assigned to process illegal immigrants who were apprehended in the Del Rio Sector; they were in a soft-sided structure presently holding double its rated capacity.

With the three newly infected agents, a total of six Border Patrol agents have contracted COVID-19 there since Thursday.

At least one soldier from the Texas Army National Guard also tested positive for the coronavirus while working in Eagle Pass.

Breitbart’s source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, revealed that the facility in question is presently holding over 1,000 illegal immigrants even though its capacity is rated at 300 precisely because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The other three Border Patrol agents who contracted the coronavirus from the illegal immigrants were northern agents sent to Eagle Pass to help tackle the migrant surge.

They got infected in less than a week after their posting to the processing center.


The anonymous source described the situation as “a nightmare” as the border agents don’t have any more room for anyone in the migrant facility.

The agents are unable to process the illegals sufficiently quickly and when they get that done the only thing they can do is “put them out on the street.”

It remains unknown whether the border agents infected at Eagle Pass got the Indian delta variant of the coronavirus.

Several of them, however, got sick even though they were fully vaccinated.

Close to about 1,000 illegal immigrants per day are getting apprehended in Del Rio, according to data from the Border Patrol.

Based on various reports, a total of at least 70 Border Patrol agents have been infected with COVID-19 from illegal immigrants since October 2020 in the Rio Grande Valley Sector, most of them in the past few weeks, as a growing number of infected illegal immigrants are pouring in.

According to the source cited by Breitbart, processed illegals are now set free in downtown Eagle Pass because the Mission Border Hope shelter, which is run by a nonprofit, refuses to host any more migrants.

The nonprofit also refuses to transport the migrants to the interior of the US because Texas Governor Greg Abbot recently forbade that with an executive order.

With the fully hands-off approach of the Biden administration, the illegal immigration situation at the US-Mexican border is clearly becoming catastrophic for America and very rapidly so.