Simone Biles, who might be the most recognizable face on the US artistic gymnastics team, has compromised herself by backing a ridiculous wokeist gesture by another athlete, Raven Saunders, who is now under investigation by the International Olympic Committee for staging a political protest.

A big ‘X’ for the ‘oppressed’

25-year-old Raven Saunders, an African American like Biles, won the silver medal in shot putting in the Tokyo Olympics on Saturday.

As she was on the podium, she crossed her wrists above her head to form an “X” sign.

She later explained her gesture symbolized the “intersection” which is a meeting place of “all people who are oppressed.”

Wokeist symbolism is, of course, hardly impressive, and, being descended from Marxism, it can have anything mean anything, very often in ridiculous ways.

Needless to say, the International Olympic Committee quickly started an investigation into Saunders’ sign since political gestures are banned at the Olympics – something wokeist athletes apparently don’t understand.

A number have already chosen to defy the rule against bringing politics into the Olympics but what they have achieved, apart from feeding their delusional do-gooder egos, is condemnation by true sports fans.

While Saunders has logically gotten into trouble because of her worthless political gesture, Simone Biles, who is far more famous, has needlessly allowed her to be dragged down.

Biles posted on her Instagram account with 6.5 million followers a photo of Saunders’ with her “X” sign.

To the LGBTQIA+ - whatever the heck that is

Her caption was that the gesture was for all black people, all who are “LGBTQIA+” – whatever the heck that means, and to all who are struggling mentally.

Thus, 24-year-old Biles is also risking coming under scrutiny for using the international summer Olympics as a platform for political protests.

The artistic gymnast, who is a six-time Olympic medalist, has already had a sufficiently troubling experience at the Tokyo Olympics for her to allow ridiculous and, as it turns out, politically offensive wokeism – to sports – to compromise further her situation.

Biles was due to announce on Monday if she is going to compete in the last discipline with her name, the beam exercise, after she already removed herself from a total of five other competitions at the Tokyo Olympics citing her mental health situation.

Another black female US athlete at the Tokyo Olympics, Gwen Berry, on Sunday, declared she was going to keep representing “the oppressed.”

During the Olympic trials in June, Berry became probably the best known wokeist athlete, after she held up a t-shirt with an inscription, reading, “athlete activist.”

Delusional wokeism is rapidly overtaking parts of Team USA, causing some US athletes to disrespect and humiliate their own country like no other country’s athletes have done before.