More and more American parents from all walks of life and of all racial backgrounds are ripping evil-minded Marxists’ critical race theory in powerful speeches during school board meetings across the United States.

Ty Smith, father of two sons, a black man and a conservative weekly radio show host, has been one of those with the most powerful anti-CRT oration.

Teaching kids to hate each other

The brief speech that he gave earlier this year during a school board meeting of District 87 in Illinois of Bloomington Public Schools has been especially eloquent and passionate, and has come with his catch phrase in which he asks how come he as a black man in America has two medical degrees if it were true that he has been oppressed.

Smith declared that he based on his personal experience of working his way through higher education all on his own he would “just call BS” on critical race theory – “it’s nonsense”, he said.

He told the Illinois District 87 school board and the other parents present that critical race theory is just about “teaching kids how to hate” one another and “dislike each other.”

Smith expressed his outrage at how black children could be taught that white children have it better because they are white, while white kids would taught that black people are just “all down and oppressed.”

He asked rhetorically if anybody would claim to him that white people tried to stop him from working hard and rising up – “not one white person” ever came to him and told him anything of the sort that he can’t make it because of being black.

One thing Smith finds sickening about critical race theory is that it is black proponents of it who tell other black people that “the white man” will “keep you down” and while people will never let them “get anywhere”.

‘What oppressed me?!’

He once again went back to his personal experience asking how it is possible that he is directing over white people if the CRT oppression narrative was so strong and so true.

“What kept me down?!” Smith asked, adding, “What oppressed me?!”

In his passionate speech, he stated he couldn’t even believe “we’re even talking about” how black people “can’t get ahead” of white people because CRT is a “lie.”

Smith eloquently, albeit quickly and emotionally, explained how critical race theory teaches the opposite of the vision of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

He told CRT proponents not to dare celebrate Martin Luther King and Black History Month in February because they will just “pee on his grave” with all “this nonsense.”

The conservative commentator shared more of his experience, this time with respect to his everyday communication with black people from an early age, and he declared they “aren’t buying this nonsense.”

Since his school district board speech exposing CRT for the nonsense that it is, Ty Smith whose conservative radio show runs on station Cities 929 in Bloomington, Illinois, has garnered national attention.

Based on captions on Facebook photos he posted with conservative author Candace Owens last year, there are reports that the two are siblings but that hasn’t been confirmed by Owens herself.