Even before by some non-divine mistake he ended as technically the leader of the Free World, Democrat Joe Biden was known for his speaking gaffes and inappropriate touching and personal space invasions in public appearances.

After he somehow got to occupy the White House, Creepy Sleepy Joe has taken all of that to the next few levels.

That is, both his speech blunders – which seem like swiftly deteriorating signs of senility – and his creepy touching and bizarre acts.

The latest, fresh case in hand is a bewildering in which Biden can be seen touching a lot a young teenage boy and eventually slips into his hand what appears to be his own used face mask.

The latest incredibly embarrassing performance by Biden, the Czar of Bizarro World, can be seen in a video shared Rumble by conservative author and commentator Dinesh D’Souza.

The teenage boy who is the newest victim of Biden’s creepiness is Will, the son of Kentucky’s Democrat Governor Andy Beshear.

Creepily slipping your used presidential face mask…

The meeting appears to have taken place when Biden visited the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport on Wednesday, July 21, 2021, when the simultaneously creepy and sleepy Democrat president chatted with the first family of the state of Kentucky.

The video shows Biden being greeted by Kentucky’s First Lady Britainy Beshear, after which he talks to the state first couple’s daughter, Lila.

Then Joe Biden shakes the hand of Gov. Andy Beshear’s son, Will.

Then the senile leader of the Free World puts his left arm around Will’s shoulders, while holding what seems to be a black COVID-19 face mask in his left hand.

…to a shocked young teenage boy

The creepy man serving as the President of the United States of America talks to the boy for a while, then removes his left arm but shortly after that reaches with it to grab Will’s right hand.

He can be seen putting the apparently used face mask in the boy’s hand but keeps holding on to it.

Then he lets Will’s hand go, with the mask left in it.

Gov. Andy Beshear’s boy, who is wearing his own face mask the entire time, somewhat surprised looks down at his right hand, which now has the Democrat President’s used face mask.

During the whole encounter, Biden isn’t wearing a mask – perhaps because of having prepared it as a gift to the astonished boy.

Will looks surprised and not knowing what to do.

He clutches the mask in his right hand, while listening to the continuing conversation around him, and then slowly sticks Biden’s preciously bizarre gift in the right pocket of his pants.

By that time, Biden is already talking to a man on his right-hand side, who is with his back facing the camera, who looks like Gov. Andy Beshear.

After the insane encounter, which hopefully won’t scar the kid for life, the Kentucky Governor’s boy will have at least this extremely bizarre episode to tell his grandchildren when he grows old: The story of the day when President Creepy Sleepy Joe Biden slipped me his used coronavirus facemask even though I was wearing one and he wasn’t, and I sure as hell didn’t want it.