In today’s America, playing the “racism” card has, unfortunately, become the last and first line of defense for many people who would like to achieve gains by playing the victim of, as it often turns out, untrue abuse – all the more so when they might be wrong or unpopular.

Another mask mandate attempt at terrorizing a community

A case in hand is a hate hoax just committed by Dr. Faisal Khan, the Health Director of St. Louis County, who even went on national television to accuse the local community of using racial slurs against him after a heated city council debate on a new COVID-19 mask mandate.

Rock-hard evidence has shown, however, that Khan was never physically or verbally abused on his way out of the city council meeting, as he claimed.

The entire scandal in St. Louis County, Missouri, erupted after last week, following the new recommendation of the CDC that even the fully vaccinated should once again mask up because of the Indian delta variant, the County Executive, Sam Page, imposed a mask mandate.

The St. Louis mandate in question, though, proved to be short-lived – it lasted only two days because on its second day it was overturned in a 5-2 vote by the city council.

Before the actual vote, however, there was a very heated discussion at a council session, with members of the public giving passionate orations in support of the constitutional rights of the American citizens.

Many of the speakers cast doubt on the science behind the renewed mask wearing mandate, and described it as a measure designed to instill fear and cover the civil society into submission to the Democrat-dominated US government – which more or less seems to be precisely the case.

Enter Dr. Faisal Khan, the St. Louis Health Director, who, as it turns out, would lie about being racially abused just to counteract the public frustration with him, not to mention playing the fake race card as an attempt to obscure his giving the local community the middle finger – not just figuratively but also literally.

When in trouble, lie about being racially abused

During the city council meeting, somehow having the guts to follow the striking orations that came before him, Khan testified in favor of face masks and in support of the mandate imposed by Page.

Khan was indeed booed during his speech.

However, after he left the city council meeting, he claimed that on his way out he was physically shoved and pushed, and racial slurs offensive to the people from “South Asia”, i.e. the Indian Subcontinent, were shouted at him.

The St. Louis County Health Director even didn’t hesitate to go live on MSNBC to tell his story – which has proven to be a complete lie.

The problem for Khan came when St. Louis County on Monday released security camera footage showing him leaving the building.

The video shows no physical acts of aggression towards him, and while it has no audio, none of the people in the crowd appear to be noticing him up until he reaches the exit, and none seem to be engaging in any kind of verbal communication with him – so apparently nobody there insulted him in racial terms.

Give the public the finger. Why not?

However, Khan himself, a public health expert and medical doctor, the kind of official the public is supposed to be able to rely on in a time of a health crisis, can clearly be seen flipping off the “public” right before he exits the building’s hallway.

In his lying testimony to MSNBC, he sought to justify his giving the people of St. Louis the finger by claiming that he was agitated because of the assaults and harassments – which never happened.

So apparently, a vile, malicious, vengeful person, who failed the trust of the public, is seeking to present himself as a victim of racial abuse – precisely in order to cover up for his malicious character and vengefulness.