A mass shooting in the packed streets of Queens, New York has left 10 people wounded, after two gunmen opened fire at three men who were in a barbershop, hitting them and wounding seven bystanders.

The shooting took place in the North Corona neighborhood and is believed to be gang-related, as the three primary targets were said to be members of the Trinitarios gang.

Police released surveillance footage that shows the two gunmen getting off the back of two scooters before opening fire on the streets.

The pair then got back onto the scooters and were driven away by two other accomplices.

No arrests have been made as of yet, and a clear motive is yet to be established.

Reaction to the shooting

The first to react were current candidates for New York City mayor; Democrat Eric Adams and Republican Curtis Sliwa.

Adams, who is tipped as the favorite to win the election by The New York Times, cited his credentials as a former police captain when promising to crack down on crime and gun violence in the city.

He stated that the violence would only worsen without “adequate intervention,” before claiming that “we are losing the grip on public safety.”

He went on to call for the city to tackle gun violence via a “joint gangs and guns task force,” that would operate closely with federal, state, and city agencies to reduce violent and gang-related crimes.

He also reaffirmed his support for the return of a plainclothes officers unit that would hunt down “illegal firearms.”

During his response, Republican nominee Curtis Sliwa called for the expansion of the current NYPD’s gang unit and database, as well as calling for the increase of funds available to pay confidential informants on the street.

The NYPD Chief of Detectives, James Essig, expressed his shock regarding the “brazen, coordinated attack.”

The chief confirmed that no deaths had been recorded from this shooting and that all victims are expected to make a full recovery from their injuries.

A reoccurring tragedy?

The shooting that took place in North Corona, Queens, was one of six shootings that the police were able to record on Saturday alone, with a total of 18 people suffering injuries.

As of Saturday, and with those shootings record, New York City has seen 898 shootings take place since the start of the year, which is an increase of just over 16% from the same time last year when 771 shootings were recorded.

However, the NYPD was able to announce that shootings in the city have decreased for the second month running in July, giving a glimmer of hope that the wave of violence that plagued the city during the pandemic is starting to come to an end.

Police are still appealing to the public for any information they can offer regarding the latest Queens shootings, with no arrests being made as of yet and no clear motive has been established.