An officer from the Pentagon police was killed on Tuesday morning in a seeming attack outside the Department of Defense in Washington, DC, reported as a “shooting event.”

The shooting occurred near a bus platform by the Pentagon Metro Station, throwing the entire complex of the DOD into a lockdown as soon as the shots were heard.

There were varying reports, and the exact nature of the incident was not made clear to the public in the first hours after the shooting, with Woodrow Kusse, the chief of the Pentagon Force Protection Agency, is due to give a news conference on Tuesday afternoon.

Pentagon in lockdown

The Agency sent a message to the Pentagon workforce, cited by CNN, that no personnel was allowed to leave the building and go outside while the incident was still ongoing.

The Pentagon police managed to secure all entrances of the vast building, Fox News reported, citing a defense official.

Chris Layman, the spokesman of the Pentagon Force Protection Agency, for the time being has refused to comment on whether a shooter was involved.

However, tweets by the Arlington Fire and EMS revealed that it was responding to an “active violent incident”, and that there were “multiple patients” near the Pentagon Metro Station.

According to the Arlington Fire Department, numerous people were “down” at the shooting location.

The DC Metro only announced on Twitter that there was massive police presence at the Pentagon, and that subway trains will be “temporarily bypassing” the Pentagon station.

On its own Twitter account, the Pentagon Force Protection Agency only confirmed that there was an “incident” at the Pentagon Transit Center, and asked people to avoid the area, promising that there will be more information “forthcoming.”

Crime scene still active, lots of unknowns

A reporter for the Associated Press who was near the Pentagon building reported hearing multiple gun shots.

The lockdown of the Pentagon complex was lifted shortly after noon but all transportation was still restricted.

John Kirby, the Pentagon press secretary, told Fox News that neither Defense Secretary Llyod Austin, no Mark Milley, the Chairman of the Joints Chief of Staff, were inside the Department of Defense complex during the incident.

Both were at their weekly Tuesday meeting with President Joe Biden in the White House.

As of the early afternoon on Tuesday, it remained unclear who and how many people were involved in the shooting, what kind of weapon was used, or whether one or more shooters have been killed or apprehended.

The slain Pentagon police office was also not identified yet.