The sick perverts who are the proponents of transgenderism and gender identity aren’t stopping at anything to satisfy their lowly desires, and under the aegis of the Democratic Party they keep pushing their extremely dangerous modes to brainwash the American public into believing that behavior is natural and normal.

Their brazen impunity has reached alarming new levels as they are now going after children aged 4 to 7!

That’s right.

And they’ve found a really perverse and perfidious way to achieve that: by turning the Muppet Babies in transsexuals.

This gender ideology propaganda seems like nothing else but borderline pedophilia with a transgenderist inclination.

‘Gonzo the 4-year-old crossdressing transsexual’ monstrosity

One of the most beloved character on “Muppet Babies”, a show for innocent young children aged 4 to 7, Gonzo, has now been turned into a crossdresser transsexual.

Last week, Disney Junior showed an episode of Muppet Babies in which the characters are going to a “royal ball”.

Gonzo is scripted so that he wants to attend the ball wearing a dress like a princess.

At this point there is a sly transgenderist set up to prove to 4-year-olds the “liberating value” of transgenderism: two the other characters tell Gonzo that boys should be wearing knight costumes.

However, there comes a “fairy ratfather”, an enabler of transgenderism for muppet babies, who grants what is presented as Gonzo’s wish to turn into a “princess.”

When the crossdressing transsexual Gonzo and the others go to the ball, Piggy tells him that he is the most beautiful princess without knowing that is him.

He then comes out to the other muppet babies as a transgender baby muppet called “Gonzorella.”

The others later apologize to Gonzorella the baby muppet drag queen for telling him or her what to wear to the ball, and declare that they love him or her, no matter what – and no matter that the transgenderist propaganda just used him to shove transgenderism down the four-year-olds’ throats.

Predatory cartoon pushing kids towards gender dysphoria. Just appalling

Appalling, isn’t it.

Candace Owens, the conservative political commentator, declared on Twitter that “this is sick and PERVERTED”, shocked by the way in which they are “pushing the trans agenda on children” through the use of muppet babies.

Owens described the cartoon with Gonzorella the drag queen as “predatory” and meant to lead children towards “gender dysphoria”.

She called for the comeback of “manly muppets.”

At least some decent Americans have had the guts to be publicly outraged that innocent muppet babies are turned into transsexuals in order to brainwash innocent young children into thinking the trans perversion is not just normal and natural but also wonderful.

Not to mention completely ruining the Cinderella story used as a basis for the perverted script.

And liberal leftists have the cheek to mock QAnon supporters for believing that the world is run by an evil pedophile elite.

That might as well be true and that elite might just be coming out of the shadows and going mainstream.