The scandalous spearhead of wokeism in sports, hammer thrower Gwen Berry, who recently shocked America and the world by disrespecting the US anthem, has failed miserably in the Tokyo Olympics.

And it serves her right for seeking to humiliate her own nation by trying to portray it as the most “racist” and evil country in the world – whereas the reality is quite the opposite – the United States has been at the forefront of positive change and fighting racism – though not through the delusional, misguided and vile ways and means of Marxist wokeism.

Wokeism may never end well simply because it is based on lies and oversimplifying, and on the evil Marxist ideology and many of its sub-divisions such as critical race theory, with Marxism having been the greatest mass murderer in human history by getting some 100 million people killed.

Next to the last but woke

Thus, on Tuesday, Gwen Berry not only failed to make it to the podium in the finals of the women’s hammer throw – where she no doubt would have tried to humiliate the United States even further – but with her distance of 71.35 meters, she actually placed 11th out of a total of 12th competitors!

So in a sense, Berry herself saved the United States from more international political embarrassment thanks to the sports embarrassment that was her miserable failure.

Back in June at the Olympic trials, the 32-year-old hammer thrower sparked a well-justified outrage.

As she won a bronze medal, while on the podium, berry defied the anthem and the flag, facing the stands instead and raising a shirt with the inscription, “Activist Athlete.”

‘Pissed’ at the national anthem

After the award ceremony, she revealed that she got “pissed” by the playing of the national anthem, “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

Berry told the Black News Channel that she was “pissed” because of the third paragraph of the anthem which she claims to be “racist” and referring to “slaves in America” – which isn’t what the verse says, and appears to be a misinterpretation.

But then again, liberal leftist Marxists and “social justice warriors” have declared everything to be “racist” – from Dr. Seuss to nature – simply because they say so – so that is no wonder.

The wokeist hammer thrower had vowed to humiliate her nation in Tokyo: back in July, she promised that if she were to win a medal in the 2021 Summer Olympics, she is going to “represent the oppressed people” – making it sound like in the 21st century the United States is a crossbreed of North Korea, Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, and the Ottoman Empire.

Berry argued that this has been her “message” over the past three years – namely, misguided vile wokeism that seeks to sow segregation, division, and hatred, and to roll back the gigantic progress the American society has been making over the course of decades and centuries.

So with such a vile agenda in mind, it serves Berry right that she failed so miserably in Tokyo.