At least one young American athlete and gold medalist at the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo has demonstrated textbook patriotism and love for America, which has come as a breath of fresh air against the backdrop of several nationally humiliating wokeist protesters.

The young athlete to stand out strongly with her pride of the USA is 28-year-old Tamyra Mensah-Stock who on Tuesday won the gold medal in the final of the 68kg women’s wrestling category in the Olympics.

Her victory in the final against Nigeria’s Blessing Oborududu made her the second American and the first black American woman to have won the gold in women’s wrestling since the sport became part of the Olympic program 17 years ago.

‘Freaking love’ for America

Covered with the American flag, Tamyra answered the reporter’s questions after her win, with one reporter asking how it felt to represent her country.

Without hesitation, Tamyra was quick to respond that she does “love representing the US.”

She also added that “I freaking love living there,” after which the Olympic gold medalist threw her fist in the air, made a heart with her fingers, and pulled the stars and stripes so it would be tighter to her body.

Before her Olympic gold medal in wrestling and especially her passionate love of the United States of America went viral, Tamyra Mensah-Stock was practically unknown to the American public.

Her heartfelt patriotism has set a very badly needed example to athletes who have thus far used the Olympic games in order to humiliate their country before the eyes of the world and push their misguided wokeist, Marxist propaganda.

In contrast, on Sunday, obnoxious Raven Saunders, a shot putter, raised her crossed wrists at the podium after winning a silver medal to form an “X”, supposedly as a protest in favor of the “oppressed,” forbidden gesture of political expression, which was supported by popular artistic gymnast Simone Biles.

Another strongly wokeist athlete, hammer thrower Gwen Berry, who in June turned her back on the US flag and national anthem, has been unable to deliver more embarrassment to the United States despite her plans to do so after she failed miserably in her Olympic final in Tokyo.

Realizing her mother’s dream

Tamyra took up wrestling while she was in the 10th grade living in Katy, Texas.

The young woman, whose father regrettably died in a car accident while he was coming home from watching one of her competitions, told USA Today that she was going to use the cash price for the gold medal in order to give $30,000 to her mother to realize her dream to buy a food truck and thus have a small food business.

It’s really hopeful and refreshing to see that there still are young American athletes not infected with the wokeist plague and who are true to the great American values and appreciate what America has given them.