Microsoft’s billionaire co-founder, Bill Gates, has demonstrated remorse for ever having known Jeffrey Epstein, the disgraced pedophile financier who died in his jail cell in 2019 under suspicious circumstances – but it appears that the latter might have played a major role in the former’s much-commented divorce.

Hopes for philanthropy from a pedophile

65-year-old Gates said he having spent time with Jeffrey Epstein was a “huge mistake” but sought to downplay it, saying that they only shared “several dinners” – leading to the logical question how several dinners could be that huge of a mistake in and of themselves – unless there was a lot more than that to their relationship.

Gates’s friendship with the convicted pedophile goes back to 2011.

However, by September 2013, it seems to have become “a point of contention” between Bill Gates and his wife, who was concerned by it, according to a report by The Daily Mail.

According to reports, at the time Melinda revealed to friends she was enraged by the Gates – Epstein friendship and made it clear she wanted her family to have nothing to do with the latter.

A report by The Wall Street Journal reveals that Melinda French Gates went ahead and hired divorce lawyers already in 2019 after it became public knowledge that her husband had meetings with Epstein.

According to The Daily Beast, Gates didn’t have “several dinners” with the pedophile but actually went to Epstein’s home a number of times and discussed with him his “toxic” marriage, with the latter advising him to end it.

Epstein was convicted of soliciting a prostitute and procuring a child for prostitution already in 2008, long before he became friends with Gates.

Now the Microsoft co-founder told CNN’s Anderson Cooper that he “certainly” had concerns because of that but kept meeting with the pedophile “hoping” that Epstein would help him get billions for global health philanthropy.

Bill Gates also claimed that “that relationship ended” when it became clear that Epstein’s promises weren’t real.

Gates added that, besides the “huge mistake” of spending time with Epstein, he regrets giving him “the credibility of being there.”

Everyone has ‘regrets’ – that’s all

Back in June, a spokesperson for Gates insisted that his boss didn’t have any business partnership or friendship with the pedophile and that their meetings only dealt with philanthropy.

Without disturbing Gates with too many inappropriate questions, Cooper did ask Gates about his potential “regrets” over workplace misbehavior – in light of recent allegations by Microsoft employees that the billionaire is an office bully, and against the backdrop of extensive reports about his alleged lewd sex parties and affairs.

Gates only responded that “everyone” has regrets and for him, it is a “time of reflection.”

There seems to be a long-established pattern of the highly depraved superrich using “philanthropy” as a constant excuse and cover-up of their scandalous lives – so there certainly seems that there was a lot more to the Gates – Epstein relationship.

Except the pedophile is no longer among the living, so any revelations to the public don’t seem likely.