The nasty journey that the leftist administration of Joe Biden is encouraging Latin American immigrants to take in order to try to settle illegally in the United States – so that they can be groomed as future Democrat voters – sadly, often proves fatal literally.

The exodus from Central America and Mexico stimulated by the liberal lefties doesn’t just turn countless people into direct human trafficking victims of horrible organized crime networks but actually claims many lives right away.

There have already been a number of crashes of large vehicles transporting illegal immigrants inside the US that killed dozens of people, and now, unfortunately, there has been another such incident.

Van speeding without being chased

A passenger van designed for 15 people was carrying at least 30 when it crashed in Texas on Wednesday, killing 10 and injuring another 13, and most of the passengers were precisely illegal immigrants.

The crash occurred shortly after 4 pm local time on Wednesday afternoon, as the van was going towards Encino, Texas, a small town of about 140 people, coming off Highway 281.

The crash site is about 2 miles south of the Falfurrias Border Patrol checkpoint, which is a three-lane traffic checkpoint.

Reports say the driver of the heavy Ford van was speeding even though he wasn’t being chased.

The high speed led the vehicle to miss a curve and then strike a utility pole and a stop sign, a spokesperson for the Texas Department of Public Safety informed.

The crash is under investigation by the DPS and the Brooks County Police Department, with the former working the nearest Mexican Consulate in order to establish the identities of the passengers.

Urbino Martinez, the Books County Sheriff, announced the driver was among those who died at the scene; his identity hasn’t been established yet.

Those injured but surviving the crash were taken by helicopters to Corpus Christi and the Rio Grande Valley.

While agents of the US Customs and Border Patrol Agency arrived on the crash scene quickly, the agency is not involved in the investigation since there is no evidence that the van had gone through its checkpoint.

In March, a similar and similarly shocking crash occurred in California, 11 miles north of the US-Mexican border, when a Ford SUV packed with a whopping 25 illegal immigrants hit a semi-truck killed 13 of them.

Back then it was revealed that the group of illegal immigrants in question entered the US through a hole cut in the border fence close to Calexico, California.