What could’ve easily been predicted is already happening across the United States, formerly land of the free and home of the brave: leftists are already physically assaulting decent, patriotic, conservative Americans.

And those aren’t just the punitive squads of Antifa terrorists or the haphazard rioters of BLM – “regular” liberal leftists of all walks of life and of both sexes stand prepared to assault – all you need to do in order to become a target of verbal hate and physical battery – not to mention online “cancel culture” violence – is to declare yourself an American patriot and/or a supporter of President Donald Trump.

The everyday left: ready to commit hate crimes against patriots!

Against the backdrop of Antifa beating bloody peaceful Christian pastors and attacking police in LA in defense of a naked biological man showing his penis to women in a transgenderist spa, a NYC psychologist wishing to shoot white people and touting that in a Yale University lecture, and a senior Democrat apparatchik in Rhode Island wishing COVID-19 deaths to the Republican leadership, now two, as it seems “regular” young Democrat women from Delaware viciously assaulted Trump supporters and their underage son in the most brutal of fashions.

So much so that they have even agreed to plead guilty to a hate crime!

That’s right – unabashed outright hate crimes are already being committed against decent American patriots, and the brazen perpetrators seeming enjoy them as they stand ready to “do the time” – although there isn’t technically going to be jail time in this case.

The two women from Wilmington, Delaware named Camryn Amy and Olivia Winslow were filmed brutally assaulting Trump supporters on August 20 last year, when Democrat Joe Biden gave his speech accepting the presidential nomination at the Democratic National Assembly.

The video in which the two young women try to physically beat up a woman and her young son, destroy their Trump banners and seize the kid’s “Make America Great Again” hat went viral on social media last year.

Now almost a year after the violence, Winslow and Amy, both natives of Wilmington, Joe Biden’s home town, have pleaded guilty to misdemeanor.

The charges against them include hate crimes, theft and child endangerment.

As part of the plea deal, the prosecutors dropped other charges, namely, conspiracy, assault and attempted assault.

Lefty ideals: why not assault a mother and her underage child!

The two extremely evil attackers will be sentenced in September, and the court documents about the plea show that prosecutors aren’t seeking prison time for them, Delaware Online reported.

Although the two aggressive young women do seem to deserve to serve time, and anybody who watches the video would agree – the scenes in which the frightened young boy is crying out to his mother, urging her to call 911 are heart-breaking.

A man who appears in the video trying to return the MAGA hat to the little boy is even punched by one of the suspects, who then throws the hat away over a fence.

The video of the vicious assault was first posted by Students for Trump on Twitter and has been viewed by millions.

It was shared by President Trump’s eldest son, Donald Trump. Jr.

Both violent leftist women were busted by the police shortly after the incident, with the officers identifying them quickly based on the footage.

At the end of the video, one of the perpetrators directly starts hitting the boy’s mother.

Considering the growing level of aggression promoted by the liberal left, life for patriotic, Republican Americans in America is yet to become much harder and less safe.