Seeing that their evil narrative is being constantly exposed, ripped up, and widely discredited, the ill-minded proponents of “critical race theory”, a nasty subdivision of Marxism, are now resorting to physical violence to try to silence its countless decent critics, who are more than often concerned parents protecting their innocent children from racial hatred indoctrination.

More and more videos of school board meetings in which parents destroy CRT in passionate orations are going viral these days – simply because that are a lot more socially conscious parents who are stepping up.

‘Ravaged by communism’

One of the latest such instances, however, has been particularly shocking because a school board president in Pennsylvania physically silenced a mother of three children as she was speaking out against the teaching of critical race theory and posing a cannonade of inconvenient questions.

Mother Anita Edgarian, who is an Iranian immigrant, passionately expressed her concerns over CRT teaching before members of the Chester School District board during a meeting on July 26.

First-generation Americans who have fled communist or other kinds of totalitarian regimes are among the greatest and deadliest enemies of critical race theory because their bitter first-hand experience with evil Marxism empowers them to recognize its dishonesty, lies, and horrors right away.

Edgarian’s oration directed at Chris McCune, the school board president – and the ensuing physical altercation – was caught on video, and has caused outrage as the footage went viral.

The concerned parent stated she grew up in Iran during the Iranian revolution, and that her native country got “ravaged by communism” – a seeming reference to the practically Marxist ways of the Islamic revolution of 1979.

Edgarian, whose son is in high school and her twin daughters are in eighth grade, declared that seeing the board split into two groups, pro-and anti-CRT is “a complete nightmare.”

Mocking critical race theory’s pretend lofty “anti-racist” ideals, the mother asks since when her twin 13-year-olds “are supposed to save the world?!”

She insists that she is sending her children to school to study mathematics, literature, and history, “every kind of history.”

She then tells the board how her home is known as the “International House of Pancakes” since her children have a very diverse group of friends.

‘You’re gone!’

As Edgarian starts speaking up, growing more agitated over the absurdity of critical race theory, McCune tells her she is out of time, and then stands up, goes to her podium, tells her to go away, and removes the microphone from her.

The outraged mother, however, continues talking even without a microphone, directly into McCune’s CRT-friendly face.

The school board president calls up security officers who come over and remove the mother of three from the podium as she continues to expose the evilness of critical race theory.

Using a tactic perfected by Lenin’s Bolshevik communists in Russia, McCune then tries to justify his use of force and smear the concerned mother by accusing her of monopolizing and disrupting the school meeting.

“Not happening. You’re gone,” the CRT-friendly censor declares as the poor woman is forcibly removed.

Even at this point, however, Edgarian doesn’t give up, and can still be heard courageously yelling at the school board, asking why they said that history cannot be taught “without CRT.”

McCune’s outrageous behavior when silencing a mother who exposes the evil nature of Marxist critical race theory immediately led Chester County’s Republican Committee to call for his immediate resignation as school board president.