The US government spent no less than $2.7 million of taxpayer dollars to fund researchers who used aborted minority babies for organ harvesting, internal documents show.

More than 300 pages of documents from the hellish project were obtained through a public records request by the Center for Medical Progress, a pro-life nonprofit, whose founder and the president is, David Daleiden.

Daleiden urged the federal government to investigate the highly disturbing joint program of the University of Pittsburg and the National Institutes of Health, a government body.

Gosnell’s house of horrors with taxpayer money

In it, researchers from the University of Pittsburgh sought out minorities for infant organs—including from full-term babies, in order to establish a “pipeline” for fetal research.

The researchers made it clear that 50% of the donated fetuses had to be minorities, a 25% of the total must be from black women.

The university is in an area, which is 85% white and 8% black.

In the paperwork, the researchers insist on maintaining blood flow in the organs from the aborted babies but according to watchdogs this might constitute a violation of federal law since to do that, doctors would have to preserve organs illegally during labor-inducing abortions.

According to the University of Pittsburg, the research is centered around a “tissue hub”, with the National University of Health overseeing its fetal organ experiments since 2015.

The documents show that the aborted babies used in the research are between 6 and 42 weeks of gestation.

The paperwork obtaining through the access to information program generates troubling questions even though the government agency, NIH, redacted key information such as who provided the aborted babies, and how many have been obtained so far.

Daleiden has described the aborted infants’ experiments at the University of Pittsburgh as “Kermit Gosnell’s house of horrors” but “funded by the federal government.”

He was referring to Gosnell, the monstrous former physician, now 80 years old, who got sentenced to life in prison for the murders of seven alive babies born during attempted abortions.

Daleiden added that Gosnell managed to evade the law for a long time thanks to “abortion extremism” and “systemic bias” in its favor, and stressed that the same kind of thing is happening at the University of Pittsburgh at present.

He insisted that law enforcement put an immediate end to the horrifying research and “arrest the perpetrators.”

Lots of illegal requirements for fetuses

The documents reveal that the researchers explicitly focused on kidneys harvested from fetuses.

However, they specified that the fetuses in question should have “warm ischemic time” to the minimum, i.e. the time an organ goes without blood and that “labor induction” is a utilized abortion procedure for procuring the organs.

Dr. David Prentice, who is the VP and research director of the Charlotte Lozier Institute, a pro-life organization, told the Washington Free Beacon that some of these babies may have in fact been “born alive”, after which “their organs and tissues” are harvested.

“This is horrific—almost medieval,” Prentice said, calling it also “antiquated science.”

Under federal law, the buying of aborted fetuses is prohibited, they can only be donated for research.

Requests on the way in which donated fetuses are aborted are also illegal.

A spokesman for the University of Pittsburgh told the Free Beacon that the researchers had no role in the ways in which the pregnancies were terminated.

He also stated that NIH-funded projects provide for the proper “inclusion of women and minorities”, hence the racial distribution of the fetuses, especially since one of the research goals is to find treatments for kidney disease that affects minorities disproportionately.

A lot is clearly wrong with the shocking research projects seeking out organs from aborted babies, not least because the federal officials took 17 months to release even the redacted records, and only did so after Daleiden enlisted legal help from Judicial Watch, a government watchdog.