The mess surrounding the promotion of the racist critical race theory by radical leftists all over the country is getting bigger and worse, as some of its advocates or at least those who agree with it are seeking out other means to beat back or divert the public criticism.

The case of a black high school principal in Texas, James Whitfield, who has a white wife appears to be in the latter category.

43-year-old Whitfield has been the principal of the Colleyville Heritage High School in the Grapevine-Colleyville Independent School District in Texas since 2019.

He appears to have counter-attacked public indignation over CRT with complaints of racism that he experienced after last week outraged parents took part in a school district meeting lambasting the introduction of critical race theory material.

CRT is the already well-known disgusting Marxist-communist theory that proclaims that all is about race, there always the oppressed and the oppressors, and black people have always and only been the former and white people have always and only been the latter.

The New York Times, a leftist propaganda outlet, shyly reports only that in the meeting of the Grapevine-Colleyville Independent School District, “some parents” accused Whitfield of pushing critical race theory as well as programs masked under the labels of “equality and diversity.”

This modest wording by the NYT goes to suggest that the drama in the meeting was likely much bigger.

So Whitfeld has gone on the offense, apparently to present himself not as the CRT-bad guy but as a victim of racism.

Thus, he went public with a story from 2019, from the time he rose to the principal job, revealing that his bosses from the school district forced him to remove Facebook photos showing how he and his white wife are embracing and kissing in an anniversary photoshoot from 10 years earlier.

Whitfield portrays himself as the victim claiming that the school district made him take down the photos because they were showing an interracial couple.

Interestingly, in some other cases of black and white interracial couples with parents in school districts where CRT is being imposed, there have been black spouses stepping up and speaking out with indignation that critical race theory teaches their children that their other, white parent is evil.

Not in this case, though

Instead of denouncing the Marxist monstrosity which oversimplifies race relations to a mere Soviet Union-style class struggle, he is playing the racism victim card and claiming he isn’t a bad guy for agreeing with the CRT teaching.

He could only reiterate the story of how his wife Kerrie bursts out crying every time he shows her the message he got in 2019 to remove their intimate Facebook photos.

Instead of rejecting CRT, Whitfield wrote on Facebook that he is “not the CRT Boogeyman”, and is instead the first black person to have become the principal of the school where he teaches.

He declared further that during most of last year he was “told repeatedly” to “get around the fact” some people are racist but that he isn’t keeping silent any longer.

The school district has commented on his racism accusations but declaring that the request to remove Whitfield’s photos with his wife “had absolutely nothing to do” with the couple’s race.

Instead, they “contained poses” which are considered “questionable for an educator.”

So instead of looking objectively at the havoc that critical race theory is wreaking on race relations in America, this particular principal, and the father of biracial children at that, has chosen to play the race card and play the victim just so he can divert the parents’ criticism.

That must be one of the countless sad stories in America connected with the evil being inflicted by critical race theory.