Reddit Poster Turns to the Internet for Advice on Family Conflict

A woman took to the internet for advice on how to handle a conflict with her mother-in-law. The Reddit user detailed how an intense family conflict developed after her husband suffered a debilitating accident.

The Backstory

The woman said that her husband’s mother and brother became frequent visitors at her home after the man was involved in an accident that required constant care because he is stuck in bed. She also revealed that she is currently four months pregnant, making it difficult to take care of her husband’s needs as well as her own.

Details of Conflict

According to the wife of the accident victim, the conflict began when the mother-in-law began to frequent the home. Not only was she always showing up, but she was also bringing her other son and his family. The woman said that the guests would make a mess and demand her attention, making it more difficult for her to care for her bedridden husband.

Argument Ensues

The big argument happened after the mother-in-law demanded dinner when the woman had been busy caring for her husband. The pregnant woman said that she barely had time to eat in between her other duties as a wife and mother, let alone prepare dinner for others.

The argument became so intense that the woman ordered the mother-in-law and the rest of the family to leave. Not surprisingly, this has caused a rift in the family.

Internet Reaction

The fellow posters on Reddit came down on the side of the woman, saying that it was her right to not allow the family into the home during this time of great stress.