The battering ram of leftist propaganda in America, CNN, which abandoned journalism a long time ago in favor of just promotion of the liberal leftist and Marxist agenda, has proven once again it’s completely lost any journalistic standards whatsoever.

The by now utterly pathetic “Cable News Network”, which spend the past five years rabidly criticizing and spreading misinformation about President Donald Trump, has now helped a “single mother” of three underage daughters raise a whopping $230,000 through a crowdfunding platform over the threat of eviction.

Except it was later forced to admit that there was little truth in the story – other than somebody wishing to raise some free money: neither is the woman the real mother of the children, nor is she single, nor are the three underage girls living permanently with her.

What you get for trusting CNN

The story of fake mom Dasha Kelly, from Las Vegas, Nevada, was publicized last week by CNN as an example of how the Democrats’ failure to extend their favorite eviction moratorium was put in place because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

While internal discord in the Democratic Party prevented Congress from extending it, later the Biden administration partially did so through the CDC in essence breaking a court ruling from June that only Congress is entitled to do that.

CNN, through its reporter Nick Watt, presented the moving story of Kelly, a single mother of “her three little girls” bracing for eviction for owing $1,900 in rent, not counting utilities.

Kelly, as it appears, lied extensively not just to CNN – whose reporter miserably failed at figuring it out – but she also did so on the page of the campaign that she started on popular crowdfunding platform GoFundMe.

She wrote she has three daughters, who are aged 5, 6, and 8.

After CNN’s report, which was also shared on the network’s social media accounts, kind donors – not being aware that they had been lied to thanks to CNN itself, donated to her cause a total of $230,000, a lot more than the $2,000 goal she had set.

Subsequently, CNN reported on the story again, this time in an emotional interview alongside another persona playing it loose with public funds, radical leftist Democrat Rep. Cori Bush of Missouri, who lavishly squanders taxpayer money on her own security which spewing delusional, criminal tirades on the need to defund the police.

From one shameless persona to another, Bush even told Dasha Kelly that was “the least we can do for you,” that is to scam the public about her fake motherhood.

Once it figured out the truth, CNN started to publish a disclaimer to the story about the struggling single fake mother from Las Vegas.

Fake mom disclaimer

The disclaimer says the “mother” told CNN about her not being the mother after the network had aired the story about the potential eviction.

CNN then reported that the woman is actually the girlfriend of the father of the children, she takes care of them from time to time, and they are going to return to their real mother once the school year begins.

To top off the absurdity of its reporting, CNN went ahead and changed the headline of its story about the raising of the money – from one mentioning a mother of three to one mentioning a “Las Vegas woman” who supposedly faces eviction.

At least none of the donated money appears to have made it to the lying fake mother, as GoFundMe told CNN that it has placed the funds on hold, and no withdrawals have been made.

CNN has been failing its viewers as a supposedly journalistic media a long time ago; whether it doesn’t fail is the spreading of vile radical leftist propaganda – so its leftist, Marxists masters are perhaps the only ones that can be satisfied with it.