After radical liberal leftist Marxists terrorizing the great American nation with wokeism and critical race theory have already declared everything to be racist – from exhaust fumes to nature – the horrible punishment of a giant boulder for its being “racist” should come as no surprise.

And, yet, a decent person with a certain degree of common sense cannot help but be surprised.

Actually, surprised is an understatement – the correct word is terrified, and in particular, terrified at the absurdity for outright rabid “social justice warriors.”

After all, people in the West used to laugh at such lunacies which used to be the trademark of murderous communist totalitarian dictatorships such as the Soviet Union, Maoist China, Cambodia, North Korea, you name it.

But now the same kind of evil “revolutionaries” have come, or, rather, have been bred on American soil by America-hating Marxists on college campuses and in mainstream media.

So the Marxists’ lunacies are all over the country, from sea to shining sea.

The poor, clueless “racist” 2-billion-year-old boulder

This time it’s the University of Wisconsin in Madison which is making the wokeist lunacy headlines.

On Friday, it removed a giant rock from its campus at the persistent insistence of the university’s Black Student Union as well as “other activists” because almost 100 ago the rock had some kind of a racist name.

The Chamberlin Rock in question is named after Thomas Crowder Chamberlin, a 19th-century geologist who served as president of the University of Wisconsin.

According to the university website, his work focused on glacial deposits.

Up until Friday, it used to stand on top of the Observatory Hill of the University of Wisconsin – Madison campus.

The problematic racial slur supposedly associated with the inanimate object in question – a boulder – stems from a newspaper article in the Wisconsin State Journal from 1925.

In October 1925, the boulder was excavated and placed on top of Observatory Hill to honor Chamberlin.

That was three years before he passed away in Chicago in 1928.

The rock was deemed a rare specimen from more than 2 billion years ago and was thought to have been dragged to Wisconsin by glaciers from Canada.

However, the rock turns out to be unlucky since in the 1920s large dark rocks were referred to with a slang term including the N-word, and the word appears in the local newspaper Wisconsin State Journal, which covered the rock’s installation atop Observatory Hill.

No other mentions in print have been found of the rock slang term although another article from the same newspaper made it clear that the Ku Klux Klan was active on the Madison campus in the 1920s when the rock was dedicated.

A senior, Juliana Bennett, who is also campus representative on the Madison City Council, called the rock a “racist monument.”

She said its removal was a time for “all of us BIPOC students” (i.e Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) to be “proud of our endurance” in their efforts to remove the clueless boulder.

Now they want to remove ‘racist’ Abraham Lincoln

The 70-ton rock’s removal was approved back in January by University Chancellor Rebecca Blank.

At least the retired “racist” boulder is going to be granted a new home on university-owned land near Lake Kegonsa.

Former university president Chamberlin in turn is going to get a new plaque to be installed in a building already named after him.

Of course, wokeist, rock-hating fanatics also demanded that the university remove a statue of Abraham Lincoln – the actual person who abolished slavery in the United States…

For the time being, the university leaders managed to reject the request.

Until next time the emboldened America haters demand harder, or until a “race” – or racist riot topples it by force.

The wokeist Marxist evil gripping America is indeed daunting.