Merrick Garland, the attorney general of the leftist Biden administration, has been touting “white supremacy” as the greatest threat to America – and, yet, it is hard to recall cases in which alleged “white supremacists” just show up and start beating up people in the street for believing something other than what they believe.

The radical leftist fascists from Antifa, on the other hand, have been assaulting Americans and terrorizing entire communities all the time in frightening reminiscence of street group violence in Nazi Germany – or the early Soviet Union.

You dare have some beliefs and thoughts different from Antifa’s?

You better hide deep and lay low – the moment you exercise your freedom of thought, association, and assembly in public, Antifa are bound to show up and beat you, and the police might or might not even respond when you call them – especially if you are in a “liberal” Democrat or especially a poor, delusional “progressivist city.”

The rationale might be – “hey, these are our guys, why stop them from terrorizing Christians, conservatives, and Republicans!”

Antifa terrorists once again attack Christians

That was just the case in Portland, Oregon, once a great American city taken over by progressivists, with Antifa, whose paramilitary fighters are clad all in black – Nazi style, enforcing vigilante injustice in the streets as it pleases, without any attempt by the authorities to crack down on it.

This time, on Saturday, Antifa thugs stormed a Christian prayer at the Tom McCall Waterfront Park in Portland which was to be led by Artur Pawlowski, a Canadian Protestant Christian preacher.

Pawlowski has been opposing publicly abortion, homosexuality, and mask rules, making him a prime target for Antifa who have embraced evil and perversion.

In a recent YouTube video, the pastor called police enforcing mask mandates “Nazis” – so the police in Portland might have decided to just let him get his from Antifa’s violence, who knows.

Several dozen people attended the Christian prayer event, which however was fully disrupted early on.

Several videos shared on Twitter show how extremely aggressive black-clad Antifa thugs wearing shields and umbrellas descending upon the small crowd, and attacking them with smoke bombs and pepper spray, and knocking down and destroying their sound equipment.

The Antifa terrorists are entirely unmoved when those gathered for the payer tell them there are small children with them – and why should Antifa be moved as they profess precisely abortion, homosexuality, and transgenderism.

One of the thugs manages to grab a microphone and declare to his fellow terrorists that “All cops are bastards,” adding “in the name of Jesus” to mock the Christian crowd who don’t resist the attack, just walk away or fight after trying to reason with the criminals.

Defunded police laughing in their vehicles

One of the event participants told The Portland Tribune that the police weren’t even around even though that it was known the Christian prayer might be targeted by the liberal progressivist Nazis.

Instead, police were away “laughing in their vehicles,” the person says, adding it is hard for the Portland police to care since the progressivist extremists take away “all your funding”, a reference to “defund the police” extremism, in which “the political wing” of the liberal leftists – the Democratic Party – comes to power and destroys the police so that the “military wing”, Antifa can do as it wishes.

A female witness told a videographer that Antifa were throwing flash bombs at the crowd, including very close to children.

At a later stage, the police could be seen nearby but did not intervene, and no arrests from the incident have been reported.

After destroying the Christian event, Antifa went on and clashed with members of the Proud Boys rightwing group in downtown Portland.

The Proud Boys quickly fended off Antifa’s gas attacks shooting back at the progressivist Nazis with paintball guns

Antifa in Portland not only went ahead completely unpunished for attacking a group of non-violent Christians, but some of the members even bragged on social media about what they did.

The alliance between liberal leftist politicians and Antifa terrorists appears to be a death sentence for any American city, and it must be stopped before it is too late.