Former Democrat President Barack Obama could be seen on video partying hard maskless during his lavish 60th birthday party packed with celebrities despite the skyrocketing COVID-19 cases, with one Republican pundit calling the bash “hypocrisy at its finest.”

The event, a pinnacle of liberal leftist hypocrisy, has been a literal “Feast in a Time of Plague”, as in the play title of classic Russian poet Alexander Pushkin.

Literal ‘Feast in Time of Plague’

Obama’s Saturday night party in the luxury $12 million mansion on Martha’s Vineyard Island was supposed to be “scaled back” because of criticism precisely over the pandemic situation but that doesn’t really seem to have been the case at all.

While the numerous guests were told not to post videos and photos on social media, a number of those have leaked showing the extravagant.

Obama could be seen dancing maskless during the bash in an Instagram video posted by Erykah Badu, a 50-year-old singer-songwriter.

Obama wore a light grey patterned shirt, untucked, and white pants as well as black beads around his neck.

Badu managed to convince the former Democrat president to get on stage while she was performing with her band.

With Obama’s back turned, she snapped a cheeky smile selfie, with him fully in the frame, apparently aware that social media posts were banned.

An enormous crowd of people was visible in the background even though Obama had claimed his lavish birthday party had been scaled back due to the spread of COVID’s Indian delta variant.

Celebrities who are reported to have attended the bash include Beyonce, Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, Gayle King, John Legend, Tom Hanks, and George Clooney, among others.

Gabriella Sarmiento Wilson, 24, better known as H.E.R., a singer, posted in the early hours of Sunday on Twitter and Instagram an image of herself with the Obamas – only to remove it a few hours later.

Obama’s 60th birthday party was held in a special giant tent in his luxury mansion on the Massachusetts island in the Atlantic; it reportedly started at sunset and went into the early hours of the next morning.

‘The liberal elites are laughing at us’

Because of the rapidly deteriorating pandemic situation, Ryan James Girdusky, a consultant for the GOP, in a New York Post interview, called the bash “hypocrisy at its finest.”

GOP chairwoman, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik said in turn that “the liberal elites” have been “laughing at us,” as they tried to portray the massive celebration “as a ‘scaled-back party.’”

Other guests who leaked photos of the Obama party were DJ Trap Beckham and his manager TJ Chapman who posted lots of videos and photos of the night, including of the food and even the luxury toilets installed specially for the party.

Many of the photos and videos were deleted later, with Chapman saying that was “due to the rules” – which he had already violated multiple times.

Chapman also wrote that “it was epic for sure,” and that Obama “danced the whole time”, and that “nobody ever seen” him “like this before.”

Good for him, right.

Let him dance and have fun in this obnoxious lavish lifestyle while hundreds of millions of Americans are struggling and dying of COVID-19.

Obama has hit the nail on the head by literally living what is called a “Feast in Time of Plague.”

Hopefully, he and his family are completely content with themselves.