Two brothers, Emonte Morgan and Eric Morgan, have been arrested and charged in connection with the murder of Chicago police officer Ella French, who was shot dead at a traffic stop incident last weekend.

Emonte, who is 21, has been charged with the murder of a peace officer in the first-degree, the attempted murder of a peace officer in the first-degree, aggravated unlawful use of a weapon, and the unlawful use of a weapon by a convicted felon.

His older brother Eric, 22, has been charged with the obstruction of justice, aggravated unlawful use of a weapon, and the unlawful use of a by a convicted felon.

The charges were announced by the Chicago Police Department on Monday evening, after it was reported that numerous police officers had turned their back on Mayor Lori Lightfoot as she visited French’s wounded police partner.

The developments

The brothers were arrested on the Saturday night of the shooting, the night that Ella French became the first female police officer to be shot dead in Chicago for over 30 years.

They exchanged gunfire with French and her unnamed partner, who was wounded twice with two shots to the head.

He remains in critical condition in hospital.

The Chicago Police Department announced the charges set for the two brothers on Monday night, before confirming that the pair are due to appear in court for the first time since the arrest on Tuesday.

However, the two brothers were known to the police.

Last year, Emonte pleaded guilty in connection to a robbery in Cook County, but that’s not all.

He contains pre-existing charges on his criminal record, including numerous traffic offenses such as leaving an accident, driving without insurance, and driving without a license.

Back in 2019, he was charged with battery and theft, two charges that were related.

His brother Eric only holds one prior felony on his record, after he pleaded guilty to a theft in Dane County, Wisconsin.

However, another man has been included in the charges made against the two brothers.

Jamal Danzy, 29, has been charged with purchasing a firearm from an arms dealer in Indiana and then distributing it to a citizen of Illinois; who is believed to be one of the two brothers.

The firearm was then in the possession of a person who shot at the two officers during the traffic stop incident.

The firearm was then recovered by arresting officers.

Danzy made a brief appearance in court on Monday, before the beginning of his detention hearing on Wednesday.

Backs turned

Mayor Lori Lightfoot first addressed the shooting on Sunday night, outside of the hospital where French’s partner was “fighting for his life.”

A few dozen Chicago PD officers were seen turning their backs to the mayor as she spoke, in protest against some positions she has held over the last year, with many believing that she was at fault for the rise in anti-police violence in the city.

Last year, amid the Black Lives Matter protests, Lightfoot came out in support of the “defund the police movement,” before pledging to cut the Chicago PD budget by $80 million.

The BLM rhetoric, alongside the rhetoric of the mayor, led to an increase in violence against police officers in the city and the state of Illinois, with 32 police officers falling victim to some form of attack this year alone.

However, she has since denounced the notion of “defund the police.”

During the same night of her address, Lightfoot approached officers who were waiting on the 7th floor of the hospital, where she was greeted by a variety of backs.

According to sources, Lightfoot understood that “emotions were high” in the hospital, just before she was confronted by the father of the wounded officer, who yelled at her and blamed her for the incident.

Sources state that Lightfoot kept her composure as she listened to what the angry father had to say, but there is no question that she is definitely feeling the heat in her position now.