Facebook has once again made it harder for its users to guard their personal information and privacy. According to TechCrunch, the social media giant has retooled its privacy settings, making it difficult for users to find them.

Separating Privacy Settings

Rather than keeping all of these important settings in one dedicated place that is easy to find, Facebook moved them across various categories. The company is defending the decision saying that the location of the new settings are designed to align with “people’s mental models” so that they are easier to find.

However, this is in direct contrast to the 2018 move to put all of the settings in one place so that users do not have to hunt for them.

At that time, the company bragged about how the new change would make it easier for users to access all of their privacy settings in one place. Nobody is sure what exactly changed to precipitate this decision to decentralize the settings and scatter them across the entire platform.

Details of Regrouping

Facebook detailed that it will group the settings into six categories. The six designations are Preferences, Permissions, Your Information, Account, Audience and Visibility, and Community Standards and Legal Policies. According to the official statement, this change will make it more user intuitive. However, one cannot help to question if they will now be more difficult to find since the settings are not under one comprehensive umbrella.

The update is scheduled to launch this week across mobile web applications, iOS, and Android.