The city of Chicago, which has been plagued with a spike in shootings and shooting murders in recent months under the watchful wokeist eye of Mayor Lori Lightfoot, has been sort of “getting used” to the high level of violence – to the extent that such getting used to might even be conceivable in any way.

Yet, even against the backdrop of the constant shootings and killings, Chicago was in utter shock when Ella French, a 29-year-old policewoman was shot and killed during a traffic stop, while her partner was also shot and left fighting for his life.

In the ensuing manhunt, two brothers – Emonte Morgan, 21, and Eric Morgan, 22, were arrested in connection with the killing of the female police officer – which was the first killing of a policewoman in Chicago in 33 years, and the first killing of a law enforcement officer in the city since 2018.

The alleged triggerman is Emonte Morgan, and he has been charged with the first-degree murder of a police officer, among other charges.

As he was shot during the shootout with the police, he is still being treated for abdomen injuries in Advocate Christ Medical Center, in Oak Lawn.

A mom’s live-streamed hospital storming attempt

Now the two suspect brothers’ mother, Evalena Flores, has entered the public’s attention as she had to be arrested while frantically trying to break into her son’s hospital room to see him.

41-year-old Flores violently resisted the arrest, which was caught on her cell phone as she was live-streaming her attempt to storm her suspect son’s hospital room.

Flores allegedly kicked in the groin a security guard of the hospital before wrestling with police officers who were at the site and came to arrest her.

She managed to stream her own onslaught on Facebook live under the name “Marsia Outofthebox Braidy,” with the police saying the video would be of interest to the investigation into her actions.

At first, Flores is heard telling the nurses that she wants to see her son Emonte Morgan but she then starts running and yelling his name, as she tries to enter his hospital room before she got confronted by hospital security and police.

Suspect ‘boys aren’t monsters’

Before going inside, the mother of the two suspects for the murder of young policewoman Ella French, recorded a two-minute Facebook video, in which she claims that her sons are good boys, and that “we” – apparently referring to people of color – are afraid of the police – just as her “boys” were supposedly “afraid” when they were pulled over and started shooting at the police officers.

“My boys are not monsters,” said Flores, adding that she doesn’t “believe a damn thing CPD says” – referring to the Chicago Police Department.

“We fear our police here,” the mother of the suspects alleges, even if her fear claims don’t really seem to match the police profile of 29-year-old policewoman Ella French.

The video of Flores’ arrest, which goes dark for part of the recording after she is busted, continues a total of four minutes, and towards the end, she can be heard admitting to having mace.

Subsequently, Evalena Flores, the mother of the two suspects for the murder of Chicago policewoman Ella French, was charged with criminal trespassing, resisting a peace officer, and a battery misdemeanor.