Barack Obama had his 60th birthday on August 4. When news of the event originally reached the ears of the public and it was discovered that as many as 700 people were set to attend, Obama tried to save face and avoid looking like the decadent elitist that he clearly is by “scaling back” the event.

Of course, that was laughable. Although the total guest list was somewhat reduced, hundreds still attended. The entire event took place on Obama’s gargantuan, sprawling, $12 million Martha’s Vineyard estate.

As we might expect, everyone at the massive party was maskless, meaning that the public had to endure further insult on top of injury in watching the whole thing. Mask mandates, prohibitions on large gatherings, vaccine passports, endless browbeating over “the Delta variant” and “superspreader events: — such things are merely for the little people. Obama’s celebration was just one more instance proving that our betters have no interest in following their own rules.

And of course, since everything is irony now, John Kerry, one of the party’s attendees, flew in on a massive private jet despite making it his duty these days to constantly harangue everyone over climate change. Also, if anyone objected to any of this, the media stood at the ready to spew out propaganda dismissing all such concerns.

Such behavior is bad enough when the elite engages in it privately, but luckily for the rest of us, one of the attendees at Obama’s birthday bash got a little too overconfident and decided to broadcast it all to the internet.

Elitists Forget That the Internet Is Forever

One of the Obama party attendees was a singer named Erykah Badu. She decided to take a video of herself, Obama and many others dancing maskless at the party and upload it to Instagram.

When the internet let her have it for being so feckless and arrogant, she tried deleting the video. But of course, the internet is forever. Nothing is truly ever gone from there, and anyone who wishes to see this video can easily find it.

It’s worthwhile to take a good look at how the elites see themselves relative to everyone else.

These people’s hubris will be their downfall.