While Megan Rapinoe may have forgotten how to win a gold medal, she certainly hasn’t forgotten how to create controversy and put herself back in the spotlight. However, her desire to be the center of controversy seems to be rubbing one of her sponsors the wrong way.

Who Is Megan Rapinoe?

If you’re asking that question in 2021, you’re not exactly alone. Megan Rapinoe, the purple-haired soccer player from the US Women’s National Team, certainly doesn’t carry the name recognition that she did a few years ago. At 36, Rapinoe is certainly on the backend of her soccer career. Still, she’s doing everything she can to maintain some sort of mainstream relevance.

How She Seeks the Spotlight

There’s no doubt that Rapinoe was once one of the best women’s soccer players in the world. However, father time is undefeated, and Rapinoe (along with most of the aging USWNT) simply isn’t as good as they once were. In an effort to maintain her relevancy, Rapinoe joined the list of athletes who kneel during the National Anthem in order to protest something that they claim to care about. Rapinoe took things to the next level by kneeling during the anthem at the Tokyo Olympics. When she was supposed to be representing her country, she was too busy protesting it. The USWNT had their worst Olympic showing in years following the protest.

What It Means for Subway

Rapinoe signed an endorsement deal with Subway, which began airing commercials starring the social justice warrior in the spring. Her anti-American protests have since rubbed some franchisees the wrong way. Some of those franchisees have received complaints from customers who declared that they are boycotting the chain until Rapinoe, who was supposed to be representing her nation when she instead protested it, is removed as a spokesperson for the chain.

The left will tell you that it’s shameful to boycott the chain for continuing to promote Rapinoe while defending her right to protest a collective bargaining agreement that she agreed to. If you’re unhappy with an anti-American athlete protesting her nation, make sure to let your local Subway franchisee know.