With Democrats sitting at the helm and spearheading a massive infrastructure bill, Americans have another reason to be upset. A plan in the infrastructure bill threatens to curtail the driving freedom that many Americans love. At a glance, the problematic proposal is all about forcing drivers to pay per-mile fees.

The Reason Behind Such a Measure

The mileage-based user fee is outlined on page 513 of the infrastructure bill on the verge of passing in Congress. Essentially, policymakers and left-wing proponents want to impose this fee to improve the funding for the transportation system. They claim that you and other drivers aren’t paying enough to help maintain bridges and roads.

A Small Incentive to Gain Support

Apparently, “volunteers” from each state are supposed to collect data on miles driven by “both commercial and private vehicle operators.” While the plan is in its pilot stage, participants can remain anonymous to help implement the plan without being ostracized. Why protect the identities of participants if the plan is beneficial and necessary? Apparently, even the people behind the initiative can recognize the potential consequences. There is definitely going to be more division in America.

The Goal to Phase Out Fossil Fuel Cars

In an effort to appear environmentally responsible, Mr. Biden is working closely with progressives and environmentalists to create stricter pollution regulations for trucks and passenger vehicles.

Perhaps, to stop as many people as possible from buying and driving gas-powered automobiles, the mileage-based user fee will likely be enforced. Thanks to a large budget, this burdensome measure is going to affect drivers from 2022 to 2026.

GOP lawmakers should reject the infrastructure bill without thinking twice because it would further hinder the lifestyles of many Americans. There are other ways to minimize pollution’s impact on the environment without requiring people to give up driving gas-powered cars.