While white liberals try to make themselves out to be the most inclusive people in the world, some people who they try to pander to truly want them to stop. In their perpetual campaign of wokeness that socialists try to impose on the rest of society, they come up with nonsensical labels for people who do not care either way. Americans need to fight against this woke suppression and get their voices and identities back from usurpers.

Misuse of Labels for Hispanic Americans

While trying to be politically correct to include all Hispanics under one roof, woke white liberals coined the term “Latinx,” which is meant to be a gender-neutral label. In Spanish, diminutives vary with different suffixes at the end, so a man would be Latino and a woman Latina. Since wokesters want to expand the definition of gender to include everything on God’s green Earth, they added the “x” at the end to signify a variable, as in algebra.

Polls Show That People Do Not Care

Unlike the white liberal mob, Hispanic Americans do not care about these woke labels. According to multiple polls released in 2020 and 2021, sampled Hispanic Americans chose their preferred adjective, and very few of them actually chose Latinx. An overwhelming 57% of responses chose “Hispanic” as their preferred label, followed by 37% choosing “Latino.” Much to the dismay of white wokesters, only 2% of respondents chose Latinx. In another poll, the number of respondents choosing Latinx rose to a mere 5%. However, the national white Democratic Party is incapable of learning that the Hispanic community does not care for these woke antics. In the 2020 election, Hispanic voters across the country shifted en masse to the Republican Party because they have realized that Democrats are extremely out of touch with their interests.