The coronavirus pandemic has tremendously cracked down on the freedoms of American citizens – and not just the freedom of assembly and speech – but also the freedom of beliefs and conscience.

That has all been to the benefit of the liberal leftist Marxists radicalizing the Democratic Party in their quest for totalitarian power – who rejoice at the thought of having the perfect excuse to seek greater and greater control of people’s personal lives and, as it turns out thoughts and beliefs.

What if you don’t trust the vaccines?

A star Broadway actress, Laura Osnes, has now fallen prey to this pandemic “new normal” as she has been axed from a lead role for refusing to have a COVID-19 vaccine.

And for having had the audacity to share her personal conviction that none of the available coronavirus vaccines can be trusted.

The 35-year-old Osnes was supposed to appear later this month in a one-night production of “Crazy for You”, which was to be staged at East Hampton’s Guild Hall.

According to the Page Six website, which disclosed Laura Osnes’ vaccine-related axing, the actress revealed not only that she hadn’t had the shot but also that she didn’t trust the vaccines.

The Guild Hall told Page Six that its performers and theater staff are supposed to be vaccinated or show a negative test result for COVID-19.

Thus, Osnes’ firing might have to do no simply with not having been vaccinated – because she would then have the second option of getting a test – but likely also because of her convictions and her distrust of the coronavirus vaccines.

The report says her costar, Tony Yazbeck, a father of two, brought up the matter of her “lacking and distrusting vaccines” situation, and she was axed after that.

What about the negative test option?

Page Six points out that in previous interviews Broadway Star Laura Osnes has described herself as a Christian conservative.

The latter, as patriotic Americans are already painfully aware, is a curse label in today’s America when it comes to the mainstream media, academia, and show business, Hollywood in particular, with their ruthless embrace of wokeism, transgenderism, and Marxism.

After getting fired for her beliefs – a situation strongly reminiscent of the communist Soviet Union – Osnes was replaced in “Crazy for You” by Sierra Boggess, an actress who has portrayed Ariel in The Little Mermaid on Broadway.

The artistic director of the theater, Josh Gladstone, told Page Six they will be “sorry” “not to have Laura” and would work with her in the future.

However, at present, they are worried about “the safety of our staff” and the audience.

The Broadway League has made it clear recently that performers, theater staff as well as audiences are required to demonstrate evidence of COVID-19 vaccination.

A rep of Guild Hall is also quoted in the report as saying the performers have the option to show a negative coronavirus test result – in which case, however, Osnes could have used the latter option.

The rep also corroborated the report about Laura Osnes’ leaving the show but didn’t reveal the reason.

At present, the actress is set to appear in “Bonnie & Clyde”, a West End production that is to premiere in 2022.

For the time being, it hasn’t been formally confirmed that she was let go from “Crazy for You” because of her beliefs about COVID vaccines – but that might as very well be the case.