Unfortunately, nobody is immune from the menace of transgenderism as radical Marxists are seeking to utilize the concept of “gender” in order to destroy the traditional family as the foundation of American values, freedom, democracy, and prosperity, and turn our children into delusional, easily manipulative sexless human beings.

For the time being, they are at least still considered and allowed to be human beings – because of the way that “identity politics” is spiraling out of any kind of control, soon they will deem just “beings,” and later maybe just “things” – and then – who knows…

If the world, or the West, ever comes to that, though, by that time, of course, neo-communist Marxists would have established a terrifying 1984-style totalitarian state so it wouldn’t even matter what they call people and children.

‘Non-binary’ Stevie is cool with all the pronouns!

Transgenderism has how caught up even with Eminem, as the famous rapper’s adopted 19-year-old child has decided to morph from the girl called Whitney that she was born as into a “non-binary” individual called “Stevie”.

And Stevie doesn’t seem to be self-identifying as a male because to him/her all pronouns apply! – at his/her own choosing – as the American public is already painfully familiar with both the “non-binary” nonsense and the corresponding “pick-or-invent-your-personal-pronouns” nonsense.

At least Stevie is a cool one for taking all the pronouns so he won’t be offended however people may choose to refer to her.

Because offending somebody – except for white straight individuals who you may humiliate and slander as you wish – is now the greatest sin in the world – as we are misled to believe by the liberal leftist transgenderist and wokeist propaganda.

Eminem’s 19-year-old “former” daughter, and now… “non-binary”… offspring, is it? –has made her/his “transition” from a woman to a non-binary creature in a video on TikTok, in which she narrates her “journey” to “non-binary-ness.”

As we are told by the mainstream media, non-binary are the people who “aren’t comfortable” with men and women – because apparently, the comfortability of perversions or delusional Marxist fashion trends is the most important thing in the world.

From “bisexual” to “non-binary” to whatever

In the TikTok post, Stevie wrote that the video would allow her followers to watch how he becomes “more comfortable” with herself, with the post being liked by Hailie Jade, 25, their sister, who is the biological daughter of Eminem and Stevie’s mother Kim.

The proponents of the transgenderist madness are cunning and sly, too, besides being godless, bloodthirsty, perverted, and brutal: with all the talk about a “transition journey” they lyingly portray the abomination of sex change or “gender identity” change – to be this magical thing that is deeply personal and supreme – and don’t forget “comfortable”! – until their victims someday wake up to the harsh, shocking realities of life.

A life devoid of the values that once made America great and once again will.

Before becoming “non-binary” in 2021, Whitney/Stevie declared “themselves” to be bisexual in 2017 – so apparently there’s got to be a gradation of this whole gender abnormality thing.

Eminem adopted Stevie back in 2005 as he reconciled with his former wife Kim, who had Whitney/Stevie 6 months after their divorce in 2001.

The biological father of Whitney/Stevie, was tattoo artist Eric Hartter, a tattoo artist who died of a likely drug overdose in 2019.

Sadly, transgenderism is now morphing into more widespread and uglier and still uglier forms, poisoning and perverting American youth in an unbelievable fashion – and patriotic, decent Americans have to counter it if America is to survive and thrive.