Republican Senators Introducing Amendments to Budget Package

Republican Senators are hard at work this week on Capitol Hill trying to fight the budget portion of the $3.5 trillion reconciliation package.

Sen. McConnell Goes to Bat Against Democrats

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is leading the charge to fight the far-left portions of the proposed package. McConnell’s amendments include a system to halt the catch and release immigration policies that may send migrants with COVID-19 loose, prohibiting tax cuts for the rich and changes to spending provisions for school openings and national defense.

Sen. Hawley’s Proposals

Republican Sen. Josh Hawley is proposing his own 15 amendments. His ideas include banning critical race theory teachings in the federal workplace, steps to protect the Hyde Amendment, restricting the power of states to mandate vaccines and masks in schools, and hiring 100,000 additional law enforcement officers to fight crime.

What Republicans Are up Against

It will be a long uphill battle for Republican leaders as they fight for everyday Americans. President Joe Biden and his administration are gunning to push through this multi-trillion-dollar budget that will allow the far-left to advance their agenda. This includes the massive Green New Deal and granting amnesty for millions of immigrants.

The goal of the Republicans is to force the Democrats to have to finance the plan. The conservative senators also want the Democrats to have to own their spending plan by convincing all 50 of them to vote for both the reconciliation package and the infrastructure bill. Without any Republican support, any future failings would be on the Democrats.