New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio seems to believe that he has concocted a genius plan to lower gun violence in the city.

The mayor, who supported the “defund the police” movement back in the summer of last year during the Black Lives Matter resurgence, has proposed a plan to fund a “violence prevention program” that will provide all participants and potential offenders with a mentorship and financial incentives so they won’t commit gun violence.

The new program comes in the wake of the New York state-wide “disaster emergency” issued by Governor Andrew Cuomo to combat the rise of gun violence in the state.

De Blasio’s program

The program, officially labeled as the “Advance Peace” program, will be launched in a single precinct in each borough throughout the city and will pair off young people who are deemed “most at risk” for involvement in gun crime and violence with previously convicted mentors to educate them about the dangers of gun crime.

The proposal also offers out a monthly payment of $1,000 to all participants who remain in the program, with bonuses also being offered to participants who meet previously agreed upon “life goals” which may include achievements such as gaining a driver’s license.

De Blasio first announced the program back in a March press conference, claiming that it will become a spearhead in combating a “decade high of murders in the city.”

The program is being officially operated by De Blasio’s Office of Criminal Justice.

The start-up of the program comes after outgoing New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced back in July that the state will be declaring a “disaster emergency” in order to tackle rising gun crime and violence in the state.

The Governor has committed to spending a minimum of $138 million on new programs to tackle the emergency, after 51 people were shot over the July 4th weekend.

Initial data shows that young men aged between 18 and 24 throughout the state, including New York City, account for 4,090 criminals that have committed gun violence in the state in 2021.

The NYPD data states that the weekly average of gun arrests in the city comes to around 2,200, whilst throughout the month of June, 165 shooting incidents were recorded.

Critics of De Blasio’s program question the morality of paying potential criminals for not committing crimes.