The anti-Americanism and anti-white racism in the United States of America is reaching such unbelievable levels of rabid insanity that it’s getting harder by the day to find words to describe its perpetrators.

“Liberals” and “leftists” hardly suffice anymore – because there used to be some decent people who could also be either liberal, or leftist, or both.

That is no longer the case, with rabid anti-white, anti-American, and anti-Western racists, wokeists, transgenderists and Marxists taking the lead, increasingly terrorizing American patriots and especially the nation’s innocent children of all racial backgrounds.

Marxist anti-white racism

Whatever progress in racial relations the US society has managed to make in the past few decades – and it has been tremendous comparing with the past, not to mention most other parts of the globe where racist and ethnic hatred reign supreme – the gangs of evil totalitarian Marxists, with their wokeist and transgenderist detachments are rolling it back an incredible pace.

They are spreading malicious lies that white people and Western civilization, which invented the Renaissance, Reformation, and Enlightenment – are evil racists, whereas in fact, it is those who propagate the nonsense in question that are the evil racists and apparently wish to obliterate white people and “whiteness” from the face of the earth.

At the same time, they are terrorizing and teaching and brainwashing children of color to “act their color”, shaming them if they don’t self-segregate and play to the Marxists’ racial minority stereotypes.

The anti-white racism madness cannot be just dismissed as something idiotic because its proponents want blood and have been meticulously setting the stage for getting it by constantly dehumanizing white people while denigrating the national identity of Americans in their own country, and with their own money.

In some fresh bouts of the evil Marxist plot against America, there are members of the ever more wokeist and anti-white racist academia declaring mathematics to be racist and white supremacist and a reservoir of evil whiteness.

That isn’t surprising since nutjob wokeists have already declared everything to be racist – their ideology being a marvelous offspring of classical communism and Marxism-Leninism in which there is no reality or truth – you just make up stuff and believe they are it.

That’s how you get to proclaim a class struggle of non-existent classes (in the Soviet Union or communist China) or nature and boulders to be racist (in the US) or men to be women or vice versa (also in the US).

Math as a ‘white racism’ tool

In one of countless examples, a rabidly wokeist “professor” from the University of Michigan called Deborah Ball has proclaimed in stunningly idiotic detail math to be racist.

On July 21, Ball was featured in an EdFix podcast episode entitled “Fighting Racism with Mathematics” in which she proudly declared that math to be “dominated by Whiteness and racism.”

Typically for communist bullies, she then went on to attack those of her colleagues who don’t “agree” with her lunacy.

The delusional woman did admit the nonsense of her “math is racist” narrative by stating how difficult it is to “surface and unpack” what she says are “the ways” in which math “is a harbor for whiteness.”

The Twitter account of the University Michingan, apparently run by radical wokeists, shared Ball’s anti-white racist ramblings.

They try to turn ‘whiteness, heteronormativity, and English’ into bad things

The same “useful idiot” of wokeism and Marxism – in the classic phrase of Russian revolutionary Marxist tyrant Vladimir Lenin – co-wrote a piece for The Detroit Free Press, arguing that the higher suspension rates for minority students are caused solely by racism – and that there is no personal behavior factor to them.

Of course, communist Marxists love to make humans devoid of any responsibility in order to be able to manipulate, cower and suppress them.

Ball and her colleagues lament the “curriculum” for being dominated by “whiteness, heteronormativity and English” deemed to be “normal and desirable.”

One begs to differ as to what else they can be, and how did it come into question that the said attributes are not anything evil but something to be proud of.

More Marxist academia lunatics are jumping on the deranged wokeism bandwagon these days.

In February 2021, the Department of Education of the state of Oregon issued a memo to advertise an online course designed to wokeist math teachers in order to “dismantle” “white supremacy culture” in math classrooms.

The insanity of these Marxist-Leninst folks is such that they claim that it is “unequivocally false” that “the concept of mathematics” is “purely objective.”

They attack mathematics on racist and sexist grounds – for being developed by the “white male mathematicians” and “dead white men.”

There is nothing to say here, really – there is no need to even cite lists of black mathematicians such as one compiled by the University of Buffalo.

Under various excuses and pretexts, anti-white racism in today’s America has been allowed to reach unbelievable proportions.